Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nice work K! Thanks for keeping us entertained!!! You've posted a bunch of other pictures... when the hell is Lil' Rusty getting his picture on here

Come on people... where are the comments??? I slave away ONCE A MONTH to think up something creative to write and for what? How many people actually read them... I don't know... CAUSE NO ONE GIVES ME ANY FEEDBACK!!! (Excluding Mom, Deena and Christine of course.) And just so you know... I check my blog every day to see if maybe just maybe somebody wrote something!

I am beginning to think it is a vicious circle because whenever I check and no one has left a comment I feel like... oh well I guess nobody was on today... no point in posting until this entry has been read...

And I'm sure you're all like... what? This post AGAIN! Why isn't there something new. Nothing new EVER... what is even the point of checking this blog. Here again this same old post that doesn't entice me to leave any sort of comment what-so-ever! I'm outta here!

Maybe I'll have to check out that Blogger 101 site and find out how to get a stats counter on my blog... then at least I can see how many of you have been on or NOT been on. Not as good as a comment or three but something at least!!!

So here's the deal... I have a really funny story (well ridiculous story) that I have actually already typed up on Word at home (yes for all you motivated, dedicated, hardworking sorts... I AM AT WORK... does that irritate you... just a little... just enough to make you go... comment on something you have done on work time... my hard earned tax dollars paying for this irregularly update blog, I DON'T THINK SO!!! So bitch to me about that then... I'm all ears!)
Anyhow where was I... so I have this story... that is just dying to be posted... but I am NOT going to post it until I see some COMMENTS ON HERE PEOPLE!!! (And comments from Mom, Deena and Christine would be greatly appreciated BUT DO NOT COUNT TO MAKE ME POST THIS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS STORY!!!) And now you're all going... if I am going to take up some of my precious time to write a stupid comment on here that DAMN story had better be DAMN funny! And who knows, maybe it is, maybe it isn't... it's up to all of YOU if you ever want to find out!

I am going back to BC for the weekend so you have some time...
And believe me I am STUBBORN... just ask Clayton!
So please don't make this the last post of my blogging career!!! wink wink


Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Little Miss Morbid"

Well Clayton... finally, after all the bugging, whining, complaining and driving me up the wall with irrelevant must have BIG screen TV facts... went out and bought himself a 42" Plasma TV. And now it sits in our living room, in all it's gleaming shinny black flatness, shouting out at anyone who enters our living room "Life is not worth living without being able to watch The National in brilliant, flashy, in your face colour on a 42" TV... Peter Mansbridge's bald spot never had such an luminous glow!"

Even though such a beautiful technological masterpiece is spectacularly adorning a corner of our living, I still felt it needed a little spicing up...
So I added a little bit of Tiger to the equation.

And Clayton, not to be out done, added a bit of alligator into the mix...
Remember that headless road kill from my trip to Florida post...

After the TV decorating was done we went along our merry way and didn't really give it another thought... until one day "Little Miss Morbid" came for a visit.
I walked into the living room and was shocked and appalled to find this...

"CLAYTON" I shouted.
"What?" he asked as he ran into the living room to see what all the fuss was about.
"Real nice, Clayton."
"I didn't do that." he managed to say through the chuckling.
And at that moment Corrine walked around the corner with her 4 month old daughter, Megan, on her hip. She was laughing.
"I was wondering when you'd notice..."

Monday, May 19, 2008

Yeah you heard me right... a TEENAGER just made my day!

Just when you start to think... how much more disrespectful, ungrateful, rude, greedy, loud, disruptive and mean can teenagers get??? TEENAGERS SUCK!
Then one goes out and buys you a Slurpee... just outta the blue... walks into the office and gives you a Slurpee... just because it's hot out and "well I thought you might like one."
What? For me? Really? Gee THANKS!
Oh and did I mention I NOW LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

27 and OVER-THE-HILL!!!

SO we were at a branding on the weekend and I discovered that I am almost over the hill! Past my prime for the child bearing years anyhow!
A group of us girls... well women... how can an over-the-hill female be classified as a girl I suppose!... were chatting. There were lots of little kids running round and so the topic turned to children and how having kids young was the way to go. You have lots of energy to play and discipline them when they are young and they're outta the house before you're retired, so you still have lots of years left to have adventures with your husband. And I have to say I agreed, until I realized that I was NOT young and was way past my child bearing prime that is.
It went something like this...
"Yeah having kids young is the way to go. When you get up there to like 27 and start having kids... "
EXCUSE ME??? 27??? IS THAT GETTING UP THERE??? It's not like I'm 30... NOW THAT'S OLD!
Of course I had to run and tell Clayton that the youth centre kids where right... I am now officially OVER-THE-HILL!
Being the sweet husband he is, he remarked, "Did you ask her if she just learned how to use the big boy potty?"
Thanks honey.
But you're just defensive because... well... you're...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Red Green's #1 Fan!

So over the last weekend we spent a lot of time outside doing yard work! It was wonderful... the yard looks awesome once again! While we were outside I happened to glance over at Lil' Rusty... yes... although I have not blogged about him recently he is still hanging around! And a sorry sight he was indeed! Covered in caked on dried mud and my body job from last summer was looking slightly shabby... considering when in it's peak condition the body job was brand spanking new shiny grey duct tape... pretty shabby really is PRETTY DAMN SHABBY!!!

So I decided to give Lil' some tender loving care...
Pealed off the loosely attached duct tape.
Took him over to the car wash and shined him up as best as I could.
Stopped by the Hardware store to pick up some duct tape. Where I was actually asked, "Doing body work on that truck of yours?" Gotta love small towns.
And oh did he look 100% better!!!
And as I don't have a picture I am not adding it here.
And if I did you'd all be like "That's 100% better? How bad did he look?"

As I was admiring my handy work our elderly neighbour came over and started up some small talk and then finally laughed and said, "My husband has been wanting to bug you about your duct taped for awhile now... but he didn't want to offend you." Huh considering I actually use duct tape for body repairs and drive around town proudly showing it off I don't think someone mentioning it to me could offend me... and believe me THEY HAVE!
After she left Clayton came over... took one look... shook his head and said...
"You're weird. Some people think this was my idea you know. Why can't you just buy a new vehicle?"
Cause a new vehicle costs like thousands and I can buy a roll of duct tape for $7.99 and that'll probably get me through at least 3 more body repair jobs!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This must be where I get my photogenic-ness from...

Mom and Megan smile for the camera!
I said SMILE damn it!!!

OK you two... we are trying to get a nice close up here... Gramma and her first granddaughter... try to work with me would you... SMILE on three...
1... 2... 3... CLICK!

OK Mom A+... Megan there's some room for improvement...
Lets try this again...

1... 2... 3... CLICK!

Megan... much better... Mom... What was that? I said SMILE not pull a clown act out of your hat face!

OK OK OK... I guess I'll have to try another tactic... I'll just back up a bit... there now people's eyes will focus on the bright background scenery and hopefully not notice your photogenic faces!