Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Things About Me

I was tagged in a couple of these things on FB and then my sweet cousin mentioned something about me being funny in his... although I know he meant funny weird not funny hahaha... but still I felt compelled to write one of my own.
But after writing it I just didn't quite feel like putting it up on FB for my 164 so called friends to see. And as the crowd here is much smaller, er, I mean less judgemental, I felt safer to put it up here...
...because it took a lot of thought and someone is going to read it dammit!

25 things about me

1. When I was younger and much dorkier... yes there was a time I was EVEN more of a dork then now... my sisters were sharing stories about boys and kissing... feeling left out I cut in with a story of my own... my first mistake was calling the so called boy SIR... it was actually the only mistake as that was where the story ended... because they both broke out in gut wrenching laughter and have never let me live it down. Geez maybe some people just use proper etiquette... ever think of that b-otches... huh? Huh?!!!

2. I own more than 20 pairs of shoes. I am ashamed of this fact.

3. I never really liked teenagers... even when I was one; they made me uncomfortable. Working at a Youth Centre has really cured me of that... I am still not that fond of them but they no longer make me feel uncomfortable... they just mainly annoy the hell out of me! Yes I am in the process of becoming a parent... what... you mean to tell me all children go through that teenage stage?!

4. I really, really love horses... yet I am too cheap to pay to board one of mine out here. (Although I tell myself it is because I don’t want to split them up and I enjoy riding in the mountains!) So I only get to ride when I visit the BC home front.

5. I love food. Just ask someone who knows me well. (And being pregnant gives me a damn good excuse to eat a lot without feeling piggish... it’s great!)

6. When I was in Junior High I tried to steal a pack of gum from a grocery store... once outside, I felt so guilty I re-entered the store and put it back.

7. Yet, as an adult I walked into a movie theatre once without paying... Clayton felt so guilty he paid for me anyhow... and then as punishment gave me the silent treatment. Thankfully the movie filled the silence.

8. I own almost half of my Dad’s small cattle herd in BC. Clayton doesn’t see how this is possible. So I told him... well once, a long time ago Dad gave me a heifer, and then the bull was let out with the cows and well the rest is history. I don’t think that’s the part he didn’t understand.

9. My Mom’s sister married my Dad’s brother. No, this is NOT incest. But it is pretty cool.

10. I try not to swear... too much.

11. Clayton won $1200 in a Superbowl pool and decided to share with me... after I pointed out that when he bought the ticket he used the term: we. To which he replied, “I only used we because I didn’t think I was going to win.” Now I have some money that I want to spend on something fun and I can’t for the life of me think of what! (Probably because I live in a developed country and have absolutely everything I could ever need and want! Such as running water!)

12. I’m always very long winded. Sorry.

13. I can’t wait to be a Mom; it was my future career goal all throughout elementary school. Oh and I love my sisters... and feel the need to apologize for calling them b-otches... it was just for effect. I no longer think that. ;)

14. When I was much younger, and much less smart, my uncles paid me $5 to eat the worm out of a bottle of Mezcal. It was so old it popped and then squirted the inside of my mouth when I bit into it. Such a stupid girl... now... of course... I’d NOT eat a worm for LESS than $20 and I’d swallow it whole!

15. I’ve also eaten an ant... on a dare. It crawled around the inside of my mouth. Either I was lacking the intelligence to think to squash it first or I was dared to eat it live... my memory fails me. (Some may say the fact that; I even took the dare to eat the ant, proves it was lack of intelligence... to these people I only have this to say: I hope you come back as an ant and someone with my level of intelligence eats you!)

16. I want a dog. But not an inside dog. And not while I love in town.

17. Which brings me too this point: I really detest living in town... I don’t care how small a town it is... a town is still a town... your neighbours still stare at you through the fence and there is no room to keep a horse or a milk cow and it is illegal to run around your house naked! (They said something concerning public indecency... ;)

18. It annoys me that sometimes it seems only the well off can afford to buy a place out of town (and not run a full on farm) and then they don’t even get a milk cow or run through the back 40 naked! What a waste!

19. And on the subject of being naked... skinny-dipping is the best way to swim!

20. Yes, to answer your question, I am a BC hippy at heart.

21. My favourite TV show, on our one channel as a child, was Mr. Dress Up. I always ran around the house gathering the items to make the craft he was making.

22. I think I was born a few decades too late... I hate technology. Yet I have a blog. Go figure!

23. I don’t own a cell phone.

24. I have travelled to Japan, Australia, Mexico, Florida and went on a family trip with truck and trailer across Canada all the way to Newfoundland!

25. One of the things on this list is NOT true.


Vanessa said...

Please say it's the shoe statistic that is untrue.... 20? NO WAY! You should probably share some.
Wait! How many have holes in them?? Do you just never throw them away??

vanessa said...

Silly me... You've obviously never tried to steal a pack of gum.... I can't believe you own 20 pairs of shoes!

Allise said...

Hmmm I'm going to guess that it is the cell phone part... mostly because you have called me on it!!! Ha! Unless you are going to say it's Clayton's cell phone... which is really just a technicality if you think about it. I was going to agree with Vanessa for my second option, but I think that you would try to steal a piece of gum because you were emotionally charged; either because someone pissed you off or you were annoyed with society. So my second choice is going to be the shoes part, because flip-flops, gum-boots, holey-soles and slippers are NOT shoes. :)
xo A

Anonymous said...

silly girl! that's what curtains are for... just ask my neighbors!!!
love d.

Allise said...

Or maybe number 25 isn't true??

Kimberly said...

OK I just about commented on the comments and then just it time thought... hey I should wait... just incase others guess which is a lie. Cause it's fun to read your guesses...

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention that you smell

Popejonpaul said...

It has to be #9 ! Cause that is some F&$#$D up S&%T.There are laws against that.But maybe not in Backasswerd Columbia.!!!!!

Alvina said...

Heh, #25... that's a cute one Allise.
It's the gum stealing... Kimberly has never stole anything in her life! I remember telling you I did that when I was a kid... only not gum, but cake decorations thingys...
My, even popejonpaul is commenting on your blog. He really should wash his mouth out with soap!
#9 is true... I can vouch for that I'm the one who's seen the other one when she forgot to pull her curtains! (he,he)
Was it a slow afternoon at work on Feb 25th or did you lock those pesky teenagers in the bathroom?
I think the 20 pairs of shoes is really and they are since birth. Kimberly it's not fair to count the bronzed baby ones!
Love :) :)

Allise said...

OK...I've been waiting like almost two weeks to see if I was right or not!!! I mean, don't you think it's been a while since you posted last Kimberly? :)

Kimberly said...

You're all wrong... gross I would NEVER eat an ant!
Yeah that's right...
OK fine... I did eat an ant.

Vanessa you got it... (I should have done a prize for the winner... maybe next time!)
20 pairs of shoes!!! Now that's just crazy! Espeacially if you're using Allise's defination of shoes! Although I decided to actually count and see... and if I included every pair of footwear I own... including flip flops, snowboard boots, x-country ski boots, old ratty work boots... then I own 19 pairs! Crazy! But still under 20!

Oh and Mom I didn't steal the gum... I put it back! :) And Clayton has a work cell... that yes I have used on occasion... but that doesn't make me a cell phone owner!!! Oh and the curtains would help... if I was talking about running around the INSIDE of the house! ;)

And Aaron... you smell. And whoever is pretending to be Pope John Paul did not do a very good impersonation!

Thanks for the guesses!

Deenna said...

Hahaha...I don't know what was a better read...the blog or the comments!!! Loved your list, Kimberly!

Anonymous said...

I agree.... loved the comments! Way to go Vanessa! Ya' know your sister!

Anonymous said...

Man!! can't leave it at 13 comments....'m not superstitious

Anonymous said...

Apparently I don't read very well! You're right Kimberly thanks for pointing it out that you did not actually steal the gum...
AROUND the house....Ohhhhhhh.. A...R...O...U...N...D SO don't pull the curtains.... wrap them "around" you!!
Love me :)