Friday, February 20, 2009

Busy people

I realize that some people are busy. And I also realize that the Health Care industry is basically over-stressed and under-staffed.
When the length of a conversation has been increased by YOU and not me... that's YOUR fault NOT mine.
If you're busy, then be efficient and don't answer my question with... well they are over flowing with work and understaffed over there and usually they say the transferal of paperwork will take three business days but right now they are quite behind so I wouldn't count on it arriving within 3 days...
Guess what? I don't really care... all you had to say was: no you're paperwork probably won't have arrived by then.
And then I would know to NOT book my appointment until the following week.
Which I would have went and done if YOU had NOT then proceeded to ask me when my due date was and when was my last appointment and then counted the weeks and come up with the date THAT WE ALREADY discussed... the date when I could expect NOT to have my paperwork there by... the date that I am NOT going to book my appointment.
And then you proceed to say... look you need to pick a date, no offence, but I'm busy.
To which I wish I would have responded... no offence lady but I'M actually busy getting my nails done and then I have to go in for my afternoon massage AND I have been trying to pick a date but you keep wasting my time with over done whinny explanations and counting weeks that I have already counted.

But of course I just felt bad...
...and then proceeded to take it up the ass.
And now, of course, it is eating away at me.

And the last time I booked an appointment the receptionist was SO nice.
Damn busy people!

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Alvina said...

Doesn't that just piss you off! Those damn busy impatient ladies!