Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thought of the day...

When I was a toddler my Mother bought me a Tonka truck to prove that girls don’t have to play with only girlie toys. I never touched the thing... in fact it didn’t get used once until Justin, our brother, was born years later. Yes, I am very ashamed of this fact.
I am also ashamed of the countless pictures Mom has of me throwing temper tantrums. Although I'm sure some people would inquire... Why? Has that changed?

Moral: If only you knew as a toddler what would come back later in life and bite you in the ass! (Note: Megan... you really should stop biting babies... well now at least you can't say you're favorite Auntie didn't warn ya!;)


Alvina said...

Now we know why your first vehicle was "Lil Rusty"... you had a guilt complex for abandoning "Lil Tonka".
Now Kimberly you exaggerate about those tantrum pictures... I think there's only ...two.... no wait... when you got Tonka instead of Lone Ranger and his horse, Silver... oh yeah... at play school when I wouldn't let you teach the 3 year olds how to whittle.... and that time when Dad and I said you really can't live here until your 80th b-day ..... Ahh... yes... and when I wanted to throw away your shitty, holey worn out riding boots! BUT really Kimberly.... not many that I can rmember.... but remember... my memory is going, eh?
Love MOM :)

Alvina said...

Forgot a tantrum... didn't you just tell me Clayton that when you won that 1200 Kimberly was.... wait I promised not to say anything!