Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Well I hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day! Mine was really nice actually... lazing around in the morning, some scrap booking and then we headed into the Hat for some shopping, a movie and then we went dancing at Ralph's... a country bar NOT a guy's house... just in case anyone was wondering.

Clayton gave me this cute card:

And, NO, on the inside it does not say horny... like you expect it to... instead it says corny.

After I opened it Clayton reread it again and noticed this:

"Why is the NOT in there? As it leads you to believe the rhyme is horny... why would it suggest that when you're not around... that's when I'm horny? It's like... Happy Valentine's Honey... oh and by the way when you're gone other women make me real horny... Love you."

I guess it's true: nobody says it like Hallmark!


Allise said...

I am so happy that you and Clayton have such an open relationship and you can share those thoughts with each other.... and if he picked that on purpose that is pretty hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I think Hallmark made a booboo!
Cute card though Clayton!
Kimberly it means Clayton is thinking about you (and only you!) when he's not with you.

vanessa said...

I'd agree with :).... who else would be on Clayton's mind when you are not around... and does he EVEN look at other women??

v again said...

.... plus with would he be horny when you are around?? :) He's probably exhausted from all the es ee ex... right? We know you do, you're knocked up :)