Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April already?

Wow how the time flies!

I would like to apologize for the long stint of NOT posting... I surely have a declining readership now! But if blaming someone else makes you like me again... then lets blame Clayton!
Maybe he was visiting too many inappropriate sites... or downloading songs illegally... or... insert own guess here... but whatever it was... in the middle of March Shockware decided to disconnect our Internet, without warning. When we were finally fed up with the connection issue, Clayton phoned in to complain... the conversation ended with him sheepishly saying yes waiting until April for Internet service would be fine.
So it's now April and we're back on-line!

While we were Internet deprived and had all this free time on our hands that was previously filled with google searches, FB and other life sucking Internet activities Corrine came down and took some baby belly pictures for us and then Karen showed me this neat trick on photo shop...

Making a picture black and white with one thing left highlighted in colour!!!

Isn't it cool???

And just as cool in this picture...

Oh don't the flowers just pop out at you?!

Yippee I love this little trick!

And I also can't wait until she learns more about photo shop so in turn I can pick it from her brain and apply it to my pictures!!! Quick Karen... quick... or all my pictures are going to look like this! ;)

Maybe a little Internet deprivation isn't such a bad thing...


Auntie R said...

What if it"s just bad "GAS"? my belly does that sometimes too.

P S. Can Clayton still see color?

Anonymous said...

Then when you're taking your belly shots Auntie R... find blocks that spell: GAS! Now wouldn't that be cute!
-Kimberly :)

Allise said...

I was starting to wonder what happened to you! Awesome pictures! Can't wait to meet the little one!

Anonymous said...

Love that little trick Karen taught you. It looks neat with only a little colour in the photo.
Cute belly too.... getting bigger.
Can't hardly wait.
Love Mom :) & Dad (better mention Dad once in awhile... since it is Easter Sunday today)

Anonymous said...

I think the belly kind of pops out at you! Sweet and adorable with the precious gift it holds!

vanessa said...

Plus another perk of black and white with a little colour... you look so tanned beside those flowers. Must be great lighting and a fine photographer :)