Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Dinner

I'll never eat a pickled beet with a straight face again...

So we're sitting around the table eating a yummy Easter Dinner prepared by Clayton's Mom aka Grandma. Riley, our sweet little 4 year old nephew is sitting between myself and Grandma. The pickled beets are getting passed around and Grandma asks Riley if he would like one.

"No thank you, Grandma" he says, "I don't like them."

But Grandma is not deterred, "Have you ever tried one, Riley?" She asks and then continues to say, "If you eat enough pickled beets they make your pee turn red!"

Riley looks up, suddenly interested. He takes a long look at the dish of pickled beets in Grandma's hand and then lets her slide one onto his plate.

The meal continues with pleasant chatter and then as if on cue pretty much everyone glances over at Riley at the same time...

He has undone his pants and is checking himself out... he then looks up to a table full of faces, all eyes on him and says oh so innocently:

"Hey it didn't turn my pee pee red!"

The laughter continued on for what seemed like decades.

And I'm laughing again now.

Yup it's a fact... I'll never eat pickled beets with a straight face again!


Anonymous said...

Making memories! You gotta love those moments!

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vanessa said...

so funny!