Monday, May 4, 2009


Comment #7 on the Turtles post... seriously?
My blog is coming under legal action... ?
Oh come on... isn't imitation the highest form of flattery???
And its not like I traced them... so they're not identical... actually the turtles from that unmentionable movie look fairly similar to a couple cartoom turtles I drew as a kid... maybe I should take some legal action on WD!!! wink wink

Hey! Wait a minute... UNCLE RON!!! Are you messing with me??? It's not nice if you are!

Dear Stein\Weir\Cole at law please send along some sort of contact info so we can discuss this matter further...



Unc/Ant ronnie/hanky said...

Yes Dear :( I should know better then to mess with an hormonal female. But i just couldn't resist. It was just sitting there,waiting for me to pounce. Have a happy"POP"

Anonymous said...

Hello K I am glad I won't be visiting you and the new babe in the clink! I also have to apologize for your uncle, isn't he nasty!!!! Wow your pic's are beautiful!!! Maybe this summer, when you and C and the kid's are hanging out in Tappen. Painting a mural, on an island, might be of interest! To prevent boredom of course!! Talk soon ma-to-be!!! Love Aunt D

Hormonal pregnant lady said...

I spent over an hour last night trying to look up Stein\Weir\Cole at law!!!
Clayton tried to say that it was probably just you... but I asked Kevin to check it out and he said it might be real...
Good one!
Although I did almost go into premature labour due to the anxiety attack! ;)

Next time I'll be more CSI minded and think hum... really lawyers work on these tiny little cases at 11pm on a Sunday night!!! :)

Allise said...

Hahahaha, look out when you have kids K... they potentially have some of those 'joker' genes in them :)

Anonymous said...

Well Kimberly, I guess you better bring your paint out with you... you'll need to paint a pretty nice Jeep to console (aka.. bribe)Stein/Weir/Cole not to take action!!!
That Kevin.... trying to get ya going too!