Monday, June 29, 2009

Great Grammas

Shayla has four Great Grammas! Lucky girl! She is going to meet the BC ones really soon. She has already met both her Great Grammas on Clayton's side... they are both almost 100 years old!!! When I talk about my Grammas with Gramma Hodgson she always inquires about their ages and then says, "Oh they're just young yet!"

When we took Shayla to introduce her to Great Gramma Hodgson the first thing Gramma said was, "Oh my what a fat baby!"
We're pretty sure fat means cute to Great Gramma because every Christmas she comments on how fat Clayton is getting... and I think he gets cuter and cuter every year too!

I guess when you're almost 100 you've earned the right to say what you think... I suppose! ;)
Great Gramma Hodgson:

Shayla was also lucky enough to meet her Great Gramma Girodat before she was a month old! Clayton was ribbing me about Shayla's first out of province trip NOT being to BC!
Great Gramma Girodat is a real sweety and keep saying what a nice baby Shayla was! We're pretty sure nice means nice!
While we were visiting Great Gramma at the Lodge everyone else living there wanted to see the baby too. So we took her on a little parade. There was one lady there who sings all the time and apparently randomly tells the staff that they are going to hell. She just loved Shayla... she said Shayla was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen in the whole wide world! So of course I kept mentioning this randomly afterwards to Clayton. Finally he must have had enough because after one such 'we have the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world' comment from me, while out for a walk with Shayla, he looked down at Shayla in the stroller and said, "Yes baby girl, and then she told your Mommy and Daddy that they were going to hell and did a little bow and started singing All I Want For Christmas is my Two Front Teeth!"

Anyhow here is Great Gramma Girodat:

the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world:

wink wink

Monday, June 22, 2009

Do you remember those things they use to call a Walkman?

You do... of course you do... they're old and out dated but I wouldn't label them as an antique or anything...
So it still blows my mind when I think about the price I could have paid to be the proud owner of a Walkman that wouldn't play any of my Cd's... wait those are pretty much outdated now too... why would I need a Walkman when I have my trusty Ipod!
Anyhow I could have picked one up about a month ago when Mom, Corrine, Megan and I were out garage sale shopping for get this... $18!!!
Pardon me?!
We all had a good, quiet laugh and then moved on...
to a little old 13" black and white TV...
with a price tag of...

Needless to say shortly after that we left without having made any purchases!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Wow it has been a while since I posted... so sorry!
The first couple weeks of being a new Mom were as everyone told me they would be... busy and spent in a sleepy haze. But as Shayla is almost 4 weeks old I can't really blame the long stint of not posting on the new Mom thing can I?!!!
And actually I do have another excuse... our computer had a virus and wouldn't let us go on the net! I'm not even lying! But Clayton and Dell finally got it dumped and everything reinstalled yesterday. So we are back online!

I'm not sure why I ended that last sentence with an exclamation mark... I really don't have anything too exciting to blog about. I do have a couple dirty stories...
about poo...
Here's one:
We were giving our sweet little daughter a bath a couple of weeks ago when she was still pretty new. Clayton was holding her and I was just finishing filling up the tub, when Clayton says, "Hey her guts are rumbling," and he then proceeds to point her diaper less bum at me and smiles.
And she sprays a yellow juicy one right across my chest! As soon as Clayton noticed she was actually pooing his smile vanished and he tried to whip her butt out of my direction, which made poop spew all across my shirt and then down the bath room sink.
There was a brief moment where I stood looking down at my poopy shirt and Clayton was saying something like, "Oh my God I didn't think she was actually going to poop..."
Then I broke out into laughter. I can't remember if Clayton laughed... like a typical male he is pretty grossed out by poop... even cute baby poo... and he did get it all down his arm... thankfully Karma didn't let him get away scott free!
I took off my shirt and he handed her to me and started wiping up the sink and floor... when she pooped again! But I, unlike someone, had the decency to aim it away from him! :)

How could this sweet little thing have so much poop...

Oh oh... looks little she might take after her Mom in the thumb sucking department! ;)