Monday, June 29, 2009

Great Grammas

Shayla has four Great Grammas! Lucky girl! She is going to meet the BC ones really soon. She has already met both her Great Grammas on Clayton's side... they are both almost 100 years old!!! When I talk about my Grammas with Gramma Hodgson she always inquires about their ages and then says, "Oh they're just young yet!"

When we took Shayla to introduce her to Great Gramma Hodgson the first thing Gramma said was, "Oh my what a fat baby!"
We're pretty sure fat means cute to Great Gramma because every Christmas she comments on how fat Clayton is getting... and I think he gets cuter and cuter every year too!

I guess when you're almost 100 you've earned the right to say what you think... I suppose! ;)
Great Gramma Hodgson:

Shayla was also lucky enough to meet her Great Gramma Girodat before she was a month old! Clayton was ribbing me about Shayla's first out of province trip NOT being to BC!
Great Gramma Girodat is a real sweety and keep saying what a nice baby Shayla was! We're pretty sure nice means nice!
While we were visiting Great Gramma at the Lodge everyone else living there wanted to see the baby too. So we took her on a little parade. There was one lady there who sings all the time and apparently randomly tells the staff that they are going to hell. She just loved Shayla... she said Shayla was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen in the whole wide world! So of course I kept mentioning this randomly afterwards to Clayton. Finally he must have had enough because after one such 'we have the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world' comment from me, while out for a walk with Shayla, he looked down at Shayla in the stroller and said, "Yes baby girl, and then she told your Mommy and Daddy that they were going to hell and did a little bow and started singing All I Want For Christmas is my Two Front Teeth!"

Anyhow here is Great Gramma Girodat:

the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world:

wink wink


Anonymous said...

what a cutie pie! and such a nice diaper ; )
can't WAIT to see you!!!!!!
love d. (and co)

Sataaaaan said...

Commmmonnnnnnn Dowwwwnnn . Things are steaming down here!

Allise said...

That's too funny! When we would go to visit our Grandpa in a nursing home there was this man there who walked with a cane and a sock on his hand and he would always chase Daniel and yell at him!!!!!
Too funny!

vanessa said...

Exciting visits for Shayla... can't wait to hear what the BC GGrany's have to say :) Don't forget to take some time to blog out here in BC... get off the horse, or put down that bale of hay... I would like to hear more :) Or just come visit if it'll be quicker!

David + Gillian said...

That woman's name is Agnes. A few days after Shayla's visit, Agnes tried to steal Joseph from "Ruben" (David).