Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh computers... sigh

Oh how I hate computers!
I finally sit down to put up some cute pictures with a somewhat cute dialogue... and the damn thing won't upload my pictures! Damn you ERROR reading!
So I regret to inform you this is it for tonight's post! And we are off camping tomorrow until some time next week... so... you know... no posts for a while yet!
Maybe one day my creativity and blog motivation will come back to me!
I see some of you readers are not lacking in the creativity department... what with seeing unicorns and octopuses in the picture below! Or maybe you should just get off the crack you wackos! wink wink
Clayton should be arriving here soon... YIPPEE!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Shayla's first horseback ride

Again with the very slack blog posting... I know, I know... sorry!
Shayla and I are in BC at my parents... Clayton will arrive out here in a week.
I'll try and get some pictures on here of our other activities soon... I hope!
We are having a blast!