Wednesday, August 26, 2009

But I thought I wouldn't...

So being a Mom really does change what you post about on your blog... It's all about BABY BABY BABY!!! I suppose that has A LOT to do with the fact that at the moment life IS all about SHAYLA SHAYLA SHAYLA!!! And I guess this blog was always about my life!

So all of you not in the baby craze can breath a sigh of relief... someone stopped by the house today and gave me something else to write about! (Not anything too exciting... but I sat down here to upload some oh so cute pictures of... you guessed it... SHAYLA and blogger wouldn't let me do it! And I came all the way down here and sat down to post something... so something is going to be posted dammit!!!)

The following probably won't even be funny or make much sense as the people are unknown to most of you... but when she said the sentence it just described the person she was talking about to a T!!!

She said:
Well I couldn't decipher much of what she said... talking to that girl is like talking to a picture of a flower!

Of course talking to the speaker of the above sentence is like talking to a bee so hopped up on crack that when it's come down off the crack high it's still trying to pollinate the above mentioned picture of a flower.

But then again... can I really judge as talking to me lately is like talking to a picture of a flower with her left petal hanging out... getting pollinated right there for all around to see, while the right petal continuously leaks it's sweet nectar in anticipation of it's turn and all the while the flower in the picture keeps holding up pictures of a baby flower and saying... isn't she cute... oh my look at this one, she's just adorable... oh and here's one...

You get the drift!
Or maybe you don't... :)

Either way... Time to go rest my weary petals!


Gordon Cambal said...

Yes . We get it! BOOBS and BABIES and BC. Something, we all can"t get enough of.

Allise said...

Love it! And the pictures are very cute!

V said...

I don't get it? Who were you talking to and who were you talking about? I get the petal part... lets hope YOUR petals don't fall off. Plus it's been a while since your last blog... if only Shayla cried more... then you'd be on here with something to complain about.
Put the Baby down and blog! and make it funny... :) No pressure :)