Monday, September 28, 2009

Not necessarily a good idea

Giving Shayla a shoulder ride.
Yes it looks cute.
OK so she smiled. Life is pretty much about doing anything to make her smile.
And it gave my arms a break from carrying her.

look really closely at her mouth in the second picture...
There is much foreshadowing found in there.
(Especially if the picture was clearer...)

Right after this picture was clicked a huge mass of chunky curdled milk aka spit up spewed out onto my head and ran down my hair.
Clayton tried to take a picture but at the time I was more concerned about getting the icky mess, out of my nicely washed hair, as quickly as possibly... self centered and vain... I know!
You should have let me taken a picture, Clayton said after the mini disaster was contained, then you could have posted it on your blog... you're always complaining about NOT having 'material'.
To which I replied, Clayton I think my blog can handle missing a picture of spit up... especially if it means, by NOT taking the picture, that I avoided sour chunky milk running into my eyeball! Geez!

Now, of course, I wish a had sacrificed the eyeball.
But don't tell Clayton.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

When you can't sleep...!
Not that it'll be very interesting for the readers but if I'm trying this as a sleep tactic really it needs to be boring!
The most annoying part about not being able to sleep is that I spent all day feeling tired... what is up with that!
Shayla and I have been jogging... well I jog... Shayla sits there is her stroller and laughs at my red sweating face while I do all the work... so I'm not really sure she should get credit for jogging. But she can take the credit for all the napping! It's good for your health... apparently those who nap every day live longer. Now I'm not really sure why I am jogging when I could be adding days onto my life by simply napping! The kid's got it figured out!
In the stroller she's usually awake for a while... sitting there staring out at me until such time she can no longer stand the excitement and has a big yawn that says... Really this is it? This is all? Sitting here watching your face turn a darker shade of red is just not doing it for me anymore... wake me when we're back home.
So we're jogging.
And I spent all day feeling tired... and now I can't sleep.
Shayla spends all day napping... and is now, as per usual, sleeping soundly in her crib.
Tomorrow morning I think I'll put on my runners and go for a nice long nap!
It'll add hours onto your life!
Now if only I can get to sleep...

Moral of these last few stories: When you have a kid your husband no longer needs to worry about his wife telling embarrassing things about him on her blog. Clayton? Clayton who? ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

That baby's hungry!

OK OK so I just arrive somewhere and Shayla's a little fussy and someone says... that baby's hungry... I get it... they don't know I just fed her and that she actually just wants some down time.

Or maybe I've been somewhere for a while and someone says... that baby's hungry... I get it... she got a little fussy and they think stick a boob in her mouth and shut her up already... when really I know she just needs to go down for a nap. I understand why someone might randomly suggest that my baby's hungry...

BUT when I just finish feeding my baby and someone says... that baby's hungry... I want to stand up and scream... Seriously?! What makes you say that? Is it the hollowness of her gaunt milk depleted cheeks... or her little stick like legs without an ounce of fat on them... oh wait maybe it's her narrow waist line?! Or maybe its me... the fact that I am such a young mother... who knows what these 28 year old kids are doing with their babies now a days... it's a miracle the little things even survive. That poor milk deprived baby, why she probably doesn't weigh an ounce over 16lbs! That's right my 16 week old baby weighs 16lbs!!! Larger then my friend's 7 month old! Poor starving darling!
But I digress...

I suppose in the end that certain someone TOTALLY redeemed themselves...

3 hours later, after Shayla had sat on my lap, played on the floor and had a nap... she started to fuss... and somehow this 28 years kid deduced that she just might be ready to eat again... so I stuck her on the boob and she settled down and got to business...

Just as Shayla start to suckle away that same someone pipes up... see I told you that baby was hungry!