Monday, September 28, 2009

Not necessarily a good idea

Giving Shayla a shoulder ride.
Yes it looks cute.
OK so she smiled. Life is pretty much about doing anything to make her smile.
And it gave my arms a break from carrying her.

look really closely at her mouth in the second picture...
There is much foreshadowing found in there.
(Especially if the picture was clearer...)

Right after this picture was clicked a huge mass of chunky curdled milk aka spit up spewed out onto my head and ran down my hair.
Clayton tried to take a picture but at the time I was more concerned about getting the icky mess, out of my nicely washed hair, as quickly as possibly... self centered and vain... I know!
You should have let me taken a picture, Clayton said after the mini disaster was contained, then you could have posted it on your blog... you're always complaining about NOT having 'material'.
To which I replied, Clayton I think my blog can handle missing a picture of spit up... especially if it means, by NOT taking the picture, that I avoided sour chunky milk running into my eyeball! Geez!

Now, of course, I wish a had sacrificed the eyeball.
But don't tell Clayton.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love that first picture. Shayla's little yellow pants against your yellow shirt and both your smiles. Is Shayla smiling cause she's got a hand full of hair? That's probably what made her gag and spit-up.... a mouthful of hair. he,he