Friday, October 30, 2009


Our cat does have a name but mostly he is known as Kitty or Clayton's Cat.
Poor poor Kitty.
Ever since the last few months of pregnancy the house rules for Clayton's Cat have changed.

1. No more sleeping on the bed.
2. Unless of course that evil b-otch is gone.
3. No going into the spare room... which now houses a drooling, screeching mini person.
4. No laying on anything that is warm, soft and fuzzy... as it belongs to you know who!
5. No more cuddling on the couch... the man spends all his cuddle time on the couch with that drooling, screeching, stinky, fur pulling, attention stealing little menace!

Now I've always considered myself an animal lover... but having an inside pet makes me realize I'm not of the true variety! I just hate all the hair on my things! But that aside... Clayton's Cat is one darn good Kitty... he follows the rules even though they have changed a few times and definitely aren't followed when I'm gone! But he's right back on track once I return!

And yes I do know I am NOT anywhere near the top of his list of favorite things!

And even though he is a good Kitty... he has got a load of attitude...
Since being booted off the foot of the nice warm bed, he sleeps downstairs in the back room on Clayton's hockey bag.
We have set up a cozy blanket right beside the bed by the nice warm air vent... but do you think he'll sleep there? HELL NO!

If that shebitch isn't going to let me sleep on the bed do you think I'll give her the satisfaction of sleeping on that pathetic excuse for a bed on the floor?! No THANK YOU! I'll find my own place to sleep... away from her!

Yes Kitty I know that's what you're thinking... and I'll have you know that suits me just fine! Ha you think NOT sleeping in the same room as me is going to annoying me?! Come on I thought you'd do better than that!

Well... he did...
Last night we heard Kitty wander into the room and Clayton was like oh good I think he's going to finally sleep on the bed we made him... after heartless YOU banned him from the bed. (The last part I'm sure he said in his head.)
We waited but he just stayed by the door and then in the pitch black as I was trying to get to sleep he settled down and started...
I HATE listening to THAT when I am trying to sleep!

When he was FINALLY finished he got up... flicked his head and said take that b-otch... and left the room!

Nice one Kitty!
But I'd watch you back if I were you...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh right I have Photoshop...

Our sweet little Shayla

Still the same old black and white with a little colour...
Surprisingly not doing anything on Photoshop since my belly pictures hasn't increased my Photoshop abilities in the slightest! I know... what is up with that?! ;)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Craft Day!

Look at what I accomplished on Craft Day!
I stuck it on the wall with super duty sticky tac! (I could possibly be cursing myself later if a letter crashes to the ground in the middle of the night and I have a screaming baby on my hands! So far it made it through last night and seems pretty sturdy! Keeping my fingers crossed because Clayton wouldn't be happy about that many holes in the wall!)

Cute name:

Cute owner of the name:

What is up with all the pink?! Never would have guessed I'd be dressing and making pink crafts for my baby!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Also on our trip to Waterton:

Clayton packed Shayla on his front on our hike...

Then on the way out we thought why not try carry her on our back? (Clayton's way of getting out of packing Shayla on the way back! ;)

Below is the very good reason WHY NOT to carry a child on your back with this kind of pack...
hum... not really sure if I want to post this... seems odd to post, after trying to avoid anyone in the parking lot when we got back to civilization, UNTIL after the pack was off!
awe... what the heck my readership is only about 2 people now anyhow...
sorry you had to see this... close your eyes...

Well you can't say I didn't warn you!