Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas... and a Happy New year!

I thought I had better sign in here and write something! As it has been a long long time! But I have a really good excuse... it's Christmas and I'm lazy. :) Well I hope you all had a great Christmas and bring in the New Year in style! We will be joining in on the Gooch family progressive dinner that evening. Then back in Alberta shortly after that!
See you in 2011!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


So I'm sure you've heard it said that the word NOT does not always register in a child's (or adults) mind.
For example you tell little Jimmy... Jimmy DO NOT hit your sister! And what does little Jimmy do... he hits his sister!
Now you're thinking, oh come on, little Jimmy is just a brat, who doesn't listen to his Mother!

And this is why I'm here... to tell you differently... through a real life example of course!

A few day ago I was in need of a new toothbrush. So I raided the endless supply Clayton keeps in the vanity drawer. As I was contemplating what color to pick, Clayton interjected, 'Do not pick a red one, that's the color I have right now!'
That was fine with me. I wouldn't want the same color making it easy for me to use his by accident! YUCK! Toothbrushes are NOT interchangeable! ;)

So the last couple of days we both have been pretty busy and have been going to bed at different times. Until last night... when we both were getting ready for bed together and reached for the red toothbrush!

Clayton: What are you doing? This is my toothbrush!

Me: No, I'm sure this is my toothbrush.

Clayton: No it's not yours... it's mine!

Me: Well I've been using it for the last few days.

Clayton: OH GROSS! I told you MINE was RED so pick another color!

Me: Crap! I do remember that now! YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

I grabbed my correct toothbrush and started scrubbing while Clayton stared helplessly at his Kimberly gross mouth germ infected toothbrush!

NOTE: Remember not to tell me how beautiful and wonderful a person I am!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh come on... it's happened to you... hasn't it?!

They say let kids help from an early age and they will continue to be helpful throughout their life. I very much agree with this statement.

Although the other day there were a couple of moments where I started to think that maybe in the Hodgson household this theory had been taken a little too far.

The 1st was in the morning.
Shayla and I had just finished brushing our teeth and I said, 'Alright Shayla it's time for Mommy to get dressed now.'
Shayla took off into my room ahead of me. She ran right for the laundry basket and pulled out my bright pink and orange pajama pants. She handed them to me with a grunt, that I'm sure could have been translated as, 'Here, put these on.'
'Shayla, Mommy is going to wear pants because it's the daytime.' I said as I reached for my jeans.
Shayla grunted louder this time, 'I said put these on!' and she pushed the pants into my stomach.
'Shayla, thanks for the help, but Mommy is going to wear THESE pants today.' As I stepped into my pants Shayla threw herself onto the floor and proceeded to have a full-on temper tantrum. All because her Mommy wouldn't wear those stylish pink pajama pants she had set out for her!

The 2nd was later that same afternoon.
Shayla had just got up from her nap and after a few cuddly minutes I put her down to play. I got up from the couch and headed to the bathroom. As I sat down on the toilet I heard the thunder of little feet running down the hall towards the bathroom. The footfalls stopped, I heard a creak, some rustling and then a little hand pushed open the door and Shayla's cute smiling face peeked inside.
She pushed her way into the washroom and with the same forceful grunt, handed me a certain feminine high-gene product.
I laughed, 'Oh Shayla, thanks but Mommy doesn't need that right now.'
This time, instead of throwing a tantrum, she took off out the door with a new little treasure in each hand!
And I sat on the toilet and continued to laugh. Because... well... you know.
Some people train their children to bring them beer and some people train their children to bring them unmentionable bathroom items for that certain time of the month. OK ONE person does the latter! :)

And to top this story off a few minutes later the doorbell rang. As I rushed to the door Shayla reached up to come with me. It was a guy from Fortis who glanced at Shayla and then quickly looked back at me.
After he left and Shayla and I were back in the living room, I realized why...
she was still holding the treasures in her hot little hands!

Maybe there is such a thing as TOO HELPFUL! ;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome baby Grayson!

Oh so little! OK well not that little... 9lbs 4.5oz! But he still looks very tiny to me!

Grayson... someone loves you very much...

... OK a lot of people love you very much...

... lots and lots!

Sisterly love. BIG sisterly love. When Jody was over with her baby, Caroline, Megan kept confirming which baby was hers... and this one's my baby and that's Jody's baby. Where's my baby Mommy? Oh this one's my baby. Little baby Gracie! (Um I don't think that's the nickname they were going for Meggers!;)

The only picture I got of the cousins before Shayla squirmed off the couch and Megan dropped Grayson on the floor! ;)

Grayson, good thing you came the day before Halloween. Otherwise every year you would have had to celebrate the day of your birth with creatures such as these:

Anyhow, welcome Grayson Alexander! I am so glad I got to be there for your arrival... it really was amazing! They really weren't kidding when they coined it the miracle of birth!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Here's to helping yourself!

I am doing my Child Care Level One online. You need to complete this to be a registered day home, as to why I am doing it. Although so far I have learnt many interesting and very helpful things. One of which is that it is better to let children serve themselves.

And as I am, and always have been, a total nerd, I take everything I learn and put it right into practice...

Yeah so it's a little messy but in the long run they are learning valuable lessons that will last a lifetime. Like if you dish it up... you will eat it all! ;)

Needless to say Shayla was there for a few days.

The next time you're at my house and I offer you a bowl of Cheerios... you may want to think twice about accepting!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kids are cute!

I just logged on to upload a picture and looked up to see Shayla eating something. As breakfast was over an hour ago and the cookies we just finished baking and eating were long ago consumed, I decided to go investigate.
Shayla spit it out.
Hahaha... yeah right... she don't spit out something she's eating!
I do the finger swipe. And as I'm looking at the small white rubbery dot, trying to figure out what it is, Shayla grabs her foot and starts picking another of her sock grippies. The new tasty treat... who would have guessed!

And as blogger image upload is down for today I guess I'll just tell of a couple of kids do the darnedest things stories... cause that's who I hang out with all day and they do do the cutest things!

A couple of days ago the toy of choice at our house was the old cellphone... the one Corrine dropped in the toilet and then gave me to use... that we let Shayla play with. Yeah we're good parents. There had been squabbles over it all morning.
As I emerged from the bathroom I hear a squawk and then the thunder of little feet coming in my direction. Shayla breezes by me with the cellphone in her hand and a look of triumph on her face. She turns into her bedroom. I peek into the living room and see the other girls have seemed to forgot about the stolen cellphone and are happily playing with other toys. So I go peek in at Shayla, who has the cellphone tucked between her ear and shoulder. Her arm is sticking way up in the air to hold the cellphone in place and she is jabbering away while walking in a circle. Yeah she got it from her mama.

And then there's Megan. She was over for a visit the other day. Shayla has been very engrossed with my photo albums lately and Megan joined in one of the times she was sitting there looking through all the pictures for the 20th time that day. They were on Grampa's 60th birthday page and I joined them. Figuring Shayla was just sitting on the corner of the page I started to help turn the page.
Megan puts her hand over mine to hold it down and says,
Excuse me Aunty... I am trying to look at MY family!

Later that day we are sitting at the table and the kitty comes up and starts rubbing against Megan's bare feet. She of course starts to giggle and says,
Look Aunty, the kitty is licking my toes.
What do you think they taste like? I ask.
Sugar! Of course!

I suppose that is because girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thankful for pillows... and cousins!

And what are you thankful for Shayla?
For pillows.
Why you must really love pillows Shayla.
Nah, it just cushions the fall when Megan tackles me.

And Megan, what are you thankful for?
Earplugs, duh!
Have you heard your daughter scream lately?!

This Thanksgiving Shayla and Megan really played TOGETHER... they love each other and love to play... but Shayla is still in the side by side play. Playing in the vicinity of other children but not actually interacting with them. Unless of course someone takes a toy she is playing with or was about to play with or was going to play with sometime in the next couple of days... then they'll HEAR about it!

So it was too cute to see them jumping on the pillows and actually wrestling with eachother... this time when Megan dive bombed Shayla she was laughing!
(Of course when I took the camera out to video it... they stopped the wrestling bit... children! What can I say... they never preform when you want them to!)

Note to Shayla: Just get use to it. You will spend the rest of your life being bossed around by Megan. But don't worry one day it will pay off when she lets you use her ID to get your underaged butt into a bar. On second thought... that better not happen young lady! ;)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just a little light readin'

Shayla has always liked books.
In the beginning she mostly just chewed on them. They have the missing chunks to prove it!
Then she started to enjoy flipping the pages... as fast as she could.
Now she actually likes to listen to the not-so-wordy ones... cause even kids books can be really wordy.
And recently she took up reading on her own...

On the couch with her boots on:

In her bumbo out loud to herself... very LOUDLY... although I suppose that's a given; this is Shayla we are talking about:

At Uncle Justin's with Megan and the whole dismantled bookshelf... now that's some serious reading:

And of course as every true book worm can attest... naked on the toilet:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Ackward Silence

To set the mood...
We were in the car on our way into Medicine Hat, just the two of us. We had only been on the road for a few minutes, the radio was turned way down and I was looking out the window at the beautiful fall colours. Peaceful.

And then Clayton, reaching to turn up the radio, says, "Well that's enough of the awkward silence."

I look over at him and start to laugh, "Pardon... um silence maybe... but awkward?" I can't help but continue to laugh.

Could you imagine being friends with someone which eventually turned into a relationship and then a marriage... having known them for almost ten years... and feeling awkward when there was a moment of silence?!
Seriously if a silence in that relationship still feels AWKWARD I'm pretty sure you're doing something wrong. Not that I'm saying we're/Clayton is doing something wrong... men just aren't good with words! ;) But man it was damn funny.
Awkward silence! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Clayton you've seen me cry so hard that snot and saliva are pouring out of me!
Clayton you've seen the goofy, ridiculous me that comes out when only family's around!
Clayton you've popped pimples on various unmentionable parts of my body.
And I'm sorry but it has to be said...

Now really was that silence awkward?!!! :)

NOTE TO SELF: Clayton does like the constant chattering... keep up the good work! ;)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


A few months ago we bought this kiddie table and chairs at the hospital garage sale for $2. It was an ugly pink with brown drippy stains. It took a few months but finally I got around to painting it. And I even went all out and added some cute little bugs.

In the morning when Shayla went over to her table to try and climb onto it with out her Mom noticing. Then she saw the bugs, she stopped and tried diligently for a few minutes to pick them off, and then proceeded to try and make it to the standing position on the table top! Naughty little girl! ;)

Anyhow, here's the table and chairs, without Shayla as the centre piece... :)

Oh and here's the little monkey in her wagon...

What a cutie!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well it's cold and deary outside today hence the post about summer. Oh how I miss summer! I use to enjoy the change of seasons but for some reason having a child has changed that. Maybe its because you spend 10 minutes bundling them up for not even 10 minutes of outside time... which consists of walking two steps and falling because of all the clothing.
I am hoping for snow... at least then we won't have to go outside and just stand there for ten minutes breathing in the fresh air. We could go sledding... even on a hill... there is ONE in town you know!

Anyhow here is a picture from summer... really do you even have to ask how I could stay out in BC for that long... really? Do you even have to ask?!!! ;)

Especially when this is what I would have spent my time looking at in AB:

OK now Clayton is going to kill me!
(See the things I risk for your entertainment, Vanessa... my life... I know, I'm that great a sister!)
Although the above picture is the one thing that Shayla and I missed terribly about BI! Even looking like that!

Clayton please don't shave my head while I'm sleeping, then take a picture and post it on my blog... you could have deleted these pictures after you showed me... plus I think you look cute... in a Hell's Angel kind of way!
Love ya! :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kayaking on the Adams

Kayaking on the Adams... slightly different than kayaking on the South Saskatchewan!

And this wasn't even the video I wanted to upload!
Above mentioned video is apparently TOO LARGE A FILE.
Which is unfortunate because in THAT video Vanessa goes through the chute right-side-up and I decide mid point to continue through the fast, rapid filled canyon up-side-down.
Just for your viewing pleasure of course! Wait there was no viewing pleasure as THAT video wouldn't upload!
Oh well... next time you're at my house ask me to show it to you... it's Kimberly at her finest. It even comes with a bonus... great audio of the 40 something people, who just went through on guided rafts, cat calling me to roll back up.
Roll back up, I did not!
Oh well, next time I go I'll make it... lets see that give me about 10 years to prepare!

I'm finally home in BI!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And Clayton says I'm on holidays...

... we've been doing more work here in a day then I do in a week at home!
A little... or a lot of haying!

Shayla kept reaching to ride up on the bales... don't worry Clayton I didn't let her.

Picking raspberries

Come on I don't know anyone who can pick fruit and not sample it!

And then there were peas... rows upon rows.

I also sampled the peas... Shayla sampled the dirt.

Shayla was allowed a bit of time off... which she used to slide...

Or go for a ride...

Or have a snack break on the swing with Grampa and her cousins...

Or cool off in the creek with Gramma and Megan...

Or talk to her Daddy on the computer...

...who she misses very much. Thank goodness for Skype!

Hope you're having as much fun as we are on the farm!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dream Big

This is Shayla dreaming BIG... she picked it... she did, she did! And now Shayla you have set the bar pretty high! ;) For all the other Doctors out there... cause you're one cute Doctor.

Of course in true Kimberly style she changed her mind the next day or was it the same day... a girls allowed to change her mind as many times as she wants!

And this is what dreaming BIG gets you... a picture in the BIG newspaper... The Calgary Sun...

OK OK maybe not the Calgary Sun... but real close!

Front page baby!!! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

She got it from her Mama!

Well I have sat down twice before this to write a post. And I did write two cute blurbs to go with, first a cute video... which in the end I couldn't get to upload... and second, some new pictures of Shayla... which also would not upload. After I threw the monitor onto the floor, I took a deep breath and told Shayla: 'Do as Mommy says, not as Mommy does.' That's good parenting... right?! ;)

She didn't listen though. I guess she was under the impression that I was one of those parents who leads by example... who knew?! Today at snack time she finished a piece of pumpkin bread and then immediately pointed towards the loaf and grunted which I easily translated into 'more'. So I don't know why I did it. Just for kicks perhaps? Maybe because the grunt didn't translate into more please? Or possibly because I'm just a parent... not a perfect parent like my Mom? 'wink'wink'
Anyhow I picked up her water sippy cup, that was sitting beside the loaf, and handed it to her. "Is this what you wanted, Shayla?" I asked, oh so innocently.
She grabbed the sippy cup and immediately flung it onto the floor and then started full on screaming and pointing at the pumpkin loaf.
Yup it's decided, she gets her looks from her Daddy and her even temperament from her Mama! :) All I can say is... poor, poor Clayton!

Well when I sat down to write this I was going to say that I had nothing to say and no pictures to post as our computer (with all the picture on it) is packed up along with our other basement belongings. But it turned out I had something to say after all. And it wasn't about the water in our basement... cause lets face it, that's not exciting (just depressing)... doesn't everyone in Southern Alberta have that problem right now?!!! (If not worse!)

P.S. And yes a couple weeks after the story below, I did end up biking to exercise class... in the rain and wind... but I was just really sick of hanging out inside the house all day for what seemed like days... I had two kids and only one car seat... I didn't see that it was raining... Clayton dared me to do it... it was sunny at my house...
I actually don't have a drivers license!!!


Although I guess that only leaves one conclusion... I really am THAT CRAZY!

NOTE--- No kids were soaked in the above crazy... bike trailer has waterproof cover... only crazy person pedaling gets soaked from all angles!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

You know you're from a small town when...

Clayton laughed and said the above line after I told him the following story. I can't agree with him more... other then I think he is missing one very important word from said line.

The story went something like this:

It was a dark and stormy night... OK OK it wasn't night and it wasn't dark... but it was stormy... the rain was pelting down and the wind was a wailing. Shayla and I had just arrived at our Mommy and me exercise class after a quick stop at the grocery store on the way there. I was in the entry way when one of the girls came dashing in through the door in a hurry to get out of the wind and rain.

After shaking the rain off her shoulders she looked up, noticed me there and in a very shocked tone gasped, "Did you walk?!"

"No, not in this weather," I replied, "I'm not THAT crazy" I finished with a laugh.

"Oh I just didn't see your car out there."

"Yeah I have the truck today."

Shortly after that another friend arrived in about the same manner, rushing in to get out of the rain. She jokingly mentioned that she noticed I didn't bike today.

"Yeah I figured it was a little too nasty out! Although it's kind of funny, aside from you two, at the grocery store this morning, I was going about my business when a lady came up to me in the bread isle, 'Oh my Dear, you and the little one are out walking in this weather?'"
"I'm pretty sure my face gave her a weird look and I said, 'No... we drove today.' And then thought to myself... crazy old bat!"

"You know, Kimberly, that's kind of funny. I had someone ask me once if you had a drivers license. I was like yeah, duh, she drives. And they were like... oh, it's just I see her walking everywhere, all the time."

The three of us had a good laugh and someone joked about starting a rumour about me having a DUI. And then someone else said, oh wait that rumour is already going we'll have to think of something better!

Good times good times!

Although it does lead me to caution other young, energetic Moms out there... If you live in this town, don't walk the 5 blocks to the IGA... take the truck... EVERY TIME! Do you have to be young, energetic and a Mom to make a habit out of walking?!!!

Which leads to my correction of Clayton's statement:
You know you're from small town ALBERTA when...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Shayla!

This birthday wish is a day late... but that is because we spent every minute of the whole day spending quality time with our little birthday girl! Even late into the evening... as she kept waking up... she just couldn't get enough of us!

Here are some 1st birthday party fun!
The butterfly, pinecone cake:

Eating cake:
a href="">

Pass the parcel:

Opening gifts:

Playing in the box... of course:

Driving her own car:

Wagon rides:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

You can always blame it on the kid!

The other morning I was having a shower when I hear from the living room...
"no No NO! Oh Shaylaaaa!"

I try and keep real quiet like maybe he'll forget I'm actually in the house and just change the poopy diaper himself. Oh right... she wasn't wearing a diaper! Oooooooh. I am getting ready to jump out of the shower to lock the bathroom door... cause sometimes in parenting or just marriage in general you get the uncontrollable urge to help your spouse push through their fears... marriage: all about being UNSELFISH! ;) This was one of those times.
But damn I was too late! I heard him open the bathroom door.

He poked his head around the shower curtain, "Holy crap, you should see the mess your daughter made... it's everywhere!"

"Well what the hell, are you just letting her play in her own poop? Clayton... we KNOW how that goes... or should I say WHERE that goes!!!"

"No no it's not poop." And he shows me his hand, which is covered in that white googy Penaten cream.

"Oh that'll be even more fun to clean up!"

"Yeah, so you better hurry up and finish your shower..."

"If you think..."

"Hey, hey, I'm kidding, geez!"

And he leaves me in peace to finish my shower.
Although when I get out of the shower I notice four large white sticky Penaten finger prints on the soft fabric shower curtain, just as Clayton is walking into the room saying how Shayla got it everywhere.

I look at him and say, "And so you thought you'd add to it." Gesturing towards the fingerprints.

"NO! That was Shayla too!"

Sure Clayton... four large, distinctly separate finger prints, about five feet up the curtain... right at the spot where you peaked your head in to talk to me... un huh... right Shayla did it!

Moral: You can always blame it on the kid!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

She's got style!

The other day I was looking through some fabric I had got from Clayton's Grandma. I was starting a jean quilt for outside use and wanted some bright material to go with the jean pieces. I came across this really bright pattern that I thought would be perfect but when I pulled it out I realized that it was sewn together... could it be an article of clothing?
It was!
A dress?
Of course I tried it on and had a good chuckle at myself in front of the mirror.
There was no way I could cut this up!
Costume... or party dress... decide for yourself...

Oh but before I show you, I'll let you in on Clayton's reaction:
He was outside with Shayla, when I came out adorned in the outfit.
I barely had one foot out the door when he let loose from the chair he was sitting in...
"Get back inside! Get back inside! What the hell is that? And why are you wearing it OUTSIDE in the BACKYARD where our NEIGHBOURS could SEE YOU???!!!"
So of course I turned around and went...
...into crazy Kimberly dance mode. Which really impressed Clayton.
He filed for divorce the next day. ;)

Well at least someone thought I was cool... or if not cool then damn funny at least:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Biker Chick!

Even biker chicks have Daddies!!!

Cool dude biker Daddies ;)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Husband abuse

So we were heading out to a birthday party earlier this evening and I looked over at Clayton and broke out in laughter for what was probably the 30 something time today.

"What are you going to say when everyone asks you about your eye?!" I stuttered between the onslaught of giggles.

"What?! It doesn't look that bad... does it..." Clayton demanded as he ducked into the bathroom to have a closer look.

"Well it definitely looks like someone gave you a black eye."

"I can barely tell... really you could stop laughing now Kimberly... it doesn't look that bad!">

"Sorry I just can't seem to stop... and it doesn't help when you do the whole creepy eye squint thing with it whenever I look at you."

We got into the car, glancing over at him I thought, wow he's got way more self confidence then me... I'd definitely be thinking up an excuse if I was going out and my eye looked like that... and then I had to suppress a laugh... because man he looked funny.

30 seconds later he glances in the rear view mirror and says, "I think I'll tell them that Shayla poked me in the eye, if they ask that is."

"OK then they'll really think you're covering up for your abusive wife... because there is no way Shayla poking you in the eye would make it puff up like that! And they ARE going to ask."

"Shut up... I bet they won't ever notice!"

30 seconds after that the hosts greet us at the door, "Come in, come in... oh my Clayton, what happened to your eye?!"

"Oh... uh... well... OK so I was trying to think up a good cover up reason... but... well it's just a zit."

"Like a sty?"

"Nope it's just a zit."

"That he spent all day prodding to get it up to that magnitude!"

Moral of the story: Once again... the man cannot lie!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A video... what?!!!

Well I decided to try and upload a video again...
and this time it worked!
So here is a video of Shayla playing with her Daddy!
Please excuse the sideways angle and poor filming quality!

Child Labour

May as well start 'em early!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun in the US of A!

Well we made it across the border and back without having to be detained for investigative questioning. This time Clayton didn't divulged that... yes at one time he had been finger printed. Although this was only because luckily we didn't get asked this question by either border guard. Because if we had, Clayton would have no doubt taken a deep breath and then given into the pressure and said, 'Yes. Yes I have.' The man just cannot lie! What on this earth could he have been fingered printed for is beyond me... oh right... child find! ;)
Anyhow, thankfully we were not asked the fingerprinted question and our border crossings were easy as pie! Making me enjoy our trip south just that much more!

The actual snowboarding and skiing... I tried Clayton's skis for a day and really enjoyed myself... was fabulous! And the days that I spent in the chalet with the other Moms and babies were very enjoyable as well. We went snowshoeing, swimming, shopping and of course relaxed in the cabin while our children entertained each other! ;)

Shayla had her first bath with a boy... and a girl! It was fine for the first few minutes until Sophia, so excited to have company in the tub, shrieked in delight which in turn made Shayla scream in horror. Poor Ryan, not sure what his Mom was thinking sticking him in the tub with these two noisy females, let her know right quick what his opinion of the situation was and that pretty much was the end of bath time!
Note to Ryan: Get use to it buddy... women never shut up! ;)

We also had a lovely night out... if you can call it that... a night out for a drink with out babies... lovely... even if:
You stepped in dog poop on the way into the bar and spent the night having everyone at your table keep glancing over at you unbelieving that you would keep letting stinkers like that go in a public place. And you thinking the exact same about the person sitting next to you... or was it the person across the table... all you know is that shit stinks! And then, near the end of the evening, you realize it is actually shit and it is plastered to the bottom of your shoe and is now smeared onto the table brace where your foot was resting. GROSS!
After admitting to being the stinky culprit and getting laughed at... two of your group step in the pile on the way out of the bar... priceless! Nah... not even priceless... dog shat is just nasty!
But still a night out is a night out... although now that I just relived it I am scratching the word lovely from the description of it!

All it all it was a great time and I have to say I am a little sad to be back home at my boring old, quiet, not on a ski hill or anywhere near trees or mountains house! Oh well, suck is life!
Wait did I put suck is life... I am pretty sure I meant to write such... :)
Oh Shayla is waking... see ya next time!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Well in a few days we are heading out to Whitefish for skiing... snowboarding... hanging out on the hill with babies! There are five couples going and 4 babies ranging from 7 months to 1 year old! Should be interesting... I mean fun!!! :) I am excited to get away and out of the house into the mountains.

Speaking of fish...

Clayton went ice fishing last weekend and came home with this...

He's such a provider... that's why I married him! ;)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Hangover?

And the puke continued onto the floor and up onto the couch cushion and back!
Poor little girl.
Although she didn't seem too bothered by it. She just gave me a quizzical look and then started gumming what was left in her mouth... like what, is it lunch time again?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Recession Christmas?

A dead give away:
The recession Christmas tree!

And when the baby doesn't know when enough is enough...
you know it's been a hard year!

And lastly...
Nothing about recession...
just damn cute!