Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun in the US of A!

Well we made it across the border and back without having to be detained for investigative questioning. This time Clayton didn't divulged that... yes at one time he had been finger printed. Although this was only because luckily we didn't get asked this question by either border guard. Because if we had, Clayton would have no doubt taken a deep breath and then given into the pressure and said, 'Yes. Yes I have.' The man just cannot lie! What on this earth could he have been fingered printed for is beyond me... oh right... child find! ;)
Anyhow, thankfully we were not asked the fingerprinted question and our border crossings were easy as pie! Making me enjoy our trip south just that much more!

The actual snowboarding and skiing... I tried Clayton's skis for a day and really enjoyed myself... was fabulous! And the days that I spent in the chalet with the other Moms and babies were very enjoyable as well. We went snowshoeing, swimming, shopping and of course relaxed in the cabin while our children entertained each other! ;)

Shayla had her first bath with a boy... and a girl! It was fine for the first few minutes until Sophia, so excited to have company in the tub, shrieked in delight which in turn made Shayla scream in horror. Poor Ryan, not sure what his Mom was thinking sticking him in the tub with these two noisy females, let her know right quick what his opinion of the situation was and that pretty much was the end of bath time!
Note to Ryan: Get use to it buddy... women never shut up! ;)

We also had a lovely night out... if you can call it that... a night out for a drink with out babies... lovely... even if:
You stepped in dog poop on the way into the bar and spent the night having everyone at your table keep glancing over at you unbelieving that you would keep letting stinkers like that go in a public place. And you thinking the exact same about the person sitting next to you... or was it the person across the table... all you know is that shit stinks! And then, near the end of the evening, you realize it is actually shit and it is plastered to the bottom of your shoe and is now smeared onto the table brace where your foot was resting. GROSS!
After admitting to being the stinky culprit and getting laughed at... two of your group step in the pile on the way out of the bar... priceless! Nah... not even priceless... dog shat is just nasty!
But still a night out is a night out... although now that I just relived it I am scratching the word lovely from the description of it!

All it all it was a great time and I have to say I am a little sad to be back home at my boring old, quiet, not on a ski hill or anywhere near trees or mountains house! Oh well, suck is life!
Wait did I put suck is life... I am pretty sure I meant to write such... :)
Oh Shayla is waking... see ya next time!


Allise said...

I was looking forward to another post! xo

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud and no one was around to hear it.... loved it :)

karen said...

hahahaa.. "oh my god, I stepped in dog shit" was the funniest line of the week!!!! ahhaa

Anonymous said...

he! he! he!
love d.

Anonymous said...

What... no picture of the dog poo shoe!
Glad your time with our neighbours to the south was fun!
That bathtub scene sounds hilarious; poor Ryan! All that noise.
Love MOM :)