Sunday, March 21, 2010

Husband abuse

So we were heading out to a birthday party earlier this evening and I looked over at Clayton and broke out in laughter for what was probably the 30 something time today.

"What are you going to say when everyone asks you about your eye?!" I stuttered between the onslaught of giggles.

"What?! It doesn't look that bad... does it..." Clayton demanded as he ducked into the bathroom to have a closer look.

"Well it definitely looks like someone gave you a black eye."

"I can barely tell... really you could stop laughing now Kimberly... it doesn't look that bad!">

"Sorry I just can't seem to stop... and it doesn't help when you do the whole creepy eye squint thing with it whenever I look at you."

We got into the car, glancing over at him I thought, wow he's got way more self confidence then me... I'd definitely be thinking up an excuse if I was going out and my eye looked like that... and then I had to suppress a laugh... because man he looked funny.

30 seconds later he glances in the rear view mirror and says, "I think I'll tell them that Shayla poked me in the eye, if they ask that is."

"OK then they'll really think you're covering up for your abusive wife... because there is no way Shayla poking you in the eye would make it puff up like that! And they ARE going to ask."

"Shut up... I bet they won't ever notice!"

30 seconds after that the hosts greet us at the door, "Come in, come in... oh my Clayton, what happened to your eye?!"

"Oh... uh... well... OK so I was trying to think up a good cover up reason... but... well it's just a zit."

"Like a sty?"

"Nope it's just a zit."

"That he spent all day prodding to get it up to that magnitude!"

Moral of the story: Once again... the man cannot lie!


Allise said...

And you didn't take any pictures???

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh hahahaha... love it!!

Anonymous said...

lol!!! you get me every time! poor clayton!
love d.