Monday, June 21, 2010

She got it from her Mama!

Well I have sat down twice before this to write a post. And I did write two cute blurbs to go with, first a cute video... which in the end I couldn't get to upload... and second, some new pictures of Shayla... which also would not upload. After I threw the monitor onto the floor, I took a deep breath and told Shayla: 'Do as Mommy says, not as Mommy does.' That's good parenting... right?! ;)

She didn't listen though. I guess she was under the impression that I was one of those parents who leads by example... who knew?! Today at snack time she finished a piece of pumpkin bread and then immediately pointed towards the loaf and grunted which I easily translated into 'more'. So I don't know why I did it. Just for kicks perhaps? Maybe because the grunt didn't translate into more please? Or possibly because I'm just a parent... not a perfect parent like my Mom? 'wink'wink'
Anyhow I picked up her water sippy cup, that was sitting beside the loaf, and handed it to her. "Is this what you wanted, Shayla?" I asked, oh so innocently.
She grabbed the sippy cup and immediately flung it onto the floor and then started full on screaming and pointing at the pumpkin loaf.
Yup it's decided, she gets her looks from her Daddy and her even temperament from her Mama! :) All I can say is... poor, poor Clayton!

Well when I sat down to write this I was going to say that I had nothing to say and no pictures to post as our computer (with all the picture on it) is packed up along with our other basement belongings. But it turned out I had something to say after all. And it wasn't about the water in our basement... cause lets face it, that's not exciting (just depressing)... doesn't everyone in Southern Alberta have that problem right now?!!! (If not worse!)

P.S. And yes a couple weeks after the story below, I did end up biking to exercise class... in the rain and wind... but I was just really sick of hanging out inside the house all day for what seemed like days... I had two kids and only one car seat... I didn't see that it was raining... Clayton dared me to do it... it was sunny at my house...
I actually don't have a drivers license!!!


Although I guess that only leaves one conclusion... I really am THAT CRAZY!

NOTE--- No kids were soaked in the above crazy... bike trailer has waterproof cover... only crazy person pedaling gets soaked from all angles!


Allise said...

I miss you!!!!

Vanessa said...

Basements are more fun when they are full of water... get your rubber boots!
Although your post leaves one question to be answered.... did she get her piece of pumpkin loaf??? :) Give Little Skreech and hug and a kiss for me, and tell Clayton I feel for him :)

Anonymous said...

I like your memory of my parenting Kimberly.... I sure brainwashed you... must of took you out on a bike in the rain without the covered wagon when you were a wee one!!
I remember a FEW times that a certain mama acted quite like that little darling in this post.... And yeah.....did she get her pumpkin loaf?
Love the "perfect" one (double wink!)

Anonymous said...

Oh and thanks for the entertainment..... Love your posts and pictures. Can't wait to see (and hear) you guys in a little over a week. Dad's dug out his ear plugs.
Love and kisses!