Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Ackward Silence

To set the mood...
We were in the car on our way into Medicine Hat, just the two of us. We had only been on the road for a few minutes, the radio was turned way down and I was looking out the window at the beautiful fall colours. Peaceful.

And then Clayton, reaching to turn up the radio, says, "Well that's enough of the awkward silence."

I look over at him and start to laugh, "Pardon... um silence maybe... but awkward?" I can't help but continue to laugh.

Could you imagine being friends with someone which eventually turned into a relationship and then a marriage... having known them for almost ten years... and feeling awkward when there was a moment of silence?!
Seriously if a silence in that relationship still feels AWKWARD I'm pretty sure you're doing something wrong. Not that I'm saying we're/Clayton is doing something wrong... men just aren't good with words! ;) But man it was damn funny.
Awkward silence! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Clayton you've seen me cry so hard that snot and saliva are pouring out of me!
Clayton you've seen the goofy, ridiculous me that comes out when only family's around!
Clayton you've popped pimples on various unmentionable parts of my body.
And I'm sorry but it has to be said...

Now really was that silence awkward?!!! :)

NOTE TO SELF: Clayton does like the constant chattering... keep up the good work! ;)


Vanessa said...

What...?? you get goofy around your family! haha
Hmmm, so what I get from the story Kimberly, is that usually you never stop talking long enough for the silences to get ackward?? hehe :) I could see that... you've kinda been focusing your blogs on Clyton lately... how does he feel about this?? I get the feeling he doesn't adore the spotlight.. ?

uncle nobody said...

HA. HA .You said Ragina

Anonymous said...

Again, Clayton has gave you fodder! Do you think he really tries to think of ways he can help you keep the blog going with such interesting and comical entries OR is it just dumb luck???
Thanks Clayton for the fuel for another comical and interesting entry!
Love Mom :)

Corrine said...

Possibly living with you and Shayla and the darlings at your day home, Clayton has just completely forgotten what silence is like!!! lol