Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well it's cold and deary outside today hence the post about summer. Oh how I miss summer! I use to enjoy the change of seasons but for some reason having a child has changed that. Maybe its because you spend 10 minutes bundling them up for not even 10 minutes of outside time... which consists of walking two steps and falling because of all the clothing.
I am hoping for snow... at least then we won't have to go outside and just stand there for ten minutes breathing in the fresh air. We could go sledding... even on a hill... there is ONE in town you know!

Anyhow here is a picture from summer... really do you even have to ask how I could stay out in BC for that long... really? Do you even have to ask?!!! ;)

Especially when this is what I would have spent my time looking at in AB:

OK now Clayton is going to kill me!
(See the things I risk for your entertainment, Vanessa... my life... I know, I'm that great a sister!)
Although the above picture is the one thing that Shayla and I missed terribly about BI! Even looking like that!

Clayton please don't shave my head while I'm sleeping, then take a picture and post it on my blog... you could have deleted these pictures after you showed me... plus I think you look cute... in a Hell's Angel kind of way!
Love ya! :)


Anonymous said...

hehe... no question here about how you could stay away from BC, we're all jealous of your amazing "home" in the mountains!

Allise said...

So is Clayton practicing for Movember? Beacuse I am pretty sure that that is the only time staches like that are supposed to come out :)

Anonymous said...


Vanessa said...

Oh, what a great sister I have. That is a whole different side of Clayton... man he looks tough... it may actually scare someone who doesn't know how sweet and kind he is :) Thanks for Blogg'n K... it took me a while to get on here now that I don't have this internet thing at my finger tips!!