Monday, October 25, 2010

Here's to helping yourself!

I am doing my Child Care Level One online. You need to complete this to be a registered day home, as to why I am doing it. Although so far I have learnt many interesting and very helpful things. One of which is that it is better to let children serve themselves.

And as I am, and always have been, a total nerd, I take everything I learn and put it right into practice...

Yeah so it's a little messy but in the long run they are learning valuable lessons that will last a lifetime. Like if you dish it up... you will eat it all! ;)

Needless to say Shayla was there for a few days.

The next time you're at my house and I offer you a bowl of Cheerios... you may want to think twice about accepting!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kids are cute!

I just logged on to upload a picture and looked up to see Shayla eating something. As breakfast was over an hour ago and the cookies we just finished baking and eating were long ago consumed, I decided to go investigate.
Shayla spit it out.
Hahaha... yeah right... she don't spit out something she's eating!
I do the finger swipe. And as I'm looking at the small white rubbery dot, trying to figure out what it is, Shayla grabs her foot and starts picking another of her sock grippies. The new tasty treat... who would have guessed!

And as blogger image upload is down for today I guess I'll just tell of a couple of kids do the darnedest things stories... cause that's who I hang out with all day and they do do the cutest things!

A couple of days ago the toy of choice at our house was the old cellphone... the one Corrine dropped in the toilet and then gave me to use... that we let Shayla play with. Yeah we're good parents. There had been squabbles over it all morning.
As I emerged from the bathroom I hear a squawk and then the thunder of little feet coming in my direction. Shayla breezes by me with the cellphone in her hand and a look of triumph on her face. She turns into her bedroom. I peek into the living room and see the other girls have seemed to forgot about the stolen cellphone and are happily playing with other toys. So I go peek in at Shayla, who has the cellphone tucked between her ear and shoulder. Her arm is sticking way up in the air to hold the cellphone in place and she is jabbering away while walking in a circle. Yeah she got it from her mama.

And then there's Megan. She was over for a visit the other day. Shayla has been very engrossed with my photo albums lately and Megan joined in one of the times she was sitting there looking through all the pictures for the 20th time that day. They were on Grampa's 60th birthday page and I joined them. Figuring Shayla was just sitting on the corner of the page I started to help turn the page.
Megan puts her hand over mine to hold it down and says,
Excuse me Aunty... I am trying to look at MY family!

Later that day we are sitting at the table and the kitty comes up and starts rubbing against Megan's bare feet. She of course starts to giggle and says,
Look Aunty, the kitty is licking my toes.
What do you think they taste like? I ask.
Sugar! Of course!

I suppose that is because girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thankful for pillows... and cousins!

And what are you thankful for Shayla?
For pillows.
Why you must really love pillows Shayla.
Nah, it just cushions the fall when Megan tackles me.

And Megan, what are you thankful for?
Earplugs, duh!
Have you heard your daughter scream lately?!

This Thanksgiving Shayla and Megan really played TOGETHER... they love each other and love to play... but Shayla is still in the side by side play. Playing in the vicinity of other children but not actually interacting with them. Unless of course someone takes a toy she is playing with or was about to play with or was going to play with sometime in the next couple of days... then they'll HEAR about it!

So it was too cute to see them jumping on the pillows and actually wrestling with eachother... this time when Megan dive bombed Shayla she was laughing!
(Of course when I took the camera out to video it... they stopped the wrestling bit... children! What can I say... they never preform when you want them to!)

Note to Shayla: Just get use to it. You will spend the rest of your life being bossed around by Megan. But don't worry one day it will pay off when she lets you use her ID to get your underaged butt into a bar. On second thought... that better not happen young lady! ;)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just a little light readin'

Shayla has always liked books.
In the beginning she mostly just chewed on them. They have the missing chunks to prove it!
Then she started to enjoy flipping the pages... as fast as she could.
Now she actually likes to listen to the not-so-wordy ones... cause even kids books can be really wordy.
And recently she took up reading on her own...

On the couch with her boots on:

In her bumbo out loud to herself... very LOUDLY... although I suppose that's a given; this is Shayla we are talking about:

At Uncle Justin's with Megan and the whole dismantled bookshelf... now that's some serious reading:

And of course as every true book worm can attest... naked on the toilet: