Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh come on... it's happened to you... hasn't it?!

They say let kids help from an early age and they will continue to be helpful throughout their life. I very much agree with this statement.

Although the other day there were a couple of moments where I started to think that maybe in the Hodgson household this theory had been taken a little too far.

The 1st was in the morning.
Shayla and I had just finished brushing our teeth and I said, 'Alright Shayla it's time for Mommy to get dressed now.'
Shayla took off into my room ahead of me. She ran right for the laundry basket and pulled out my bright pink and orange pajama pants. She handed them to me with a grunt, that I'm sure could have been translated as, 'Here, put these on.'
'Shayla, Mommy is going to wear pants because it's the daytime.' I said as I reached for my jeans.
Shayla grunted louder this time, 'I said put these on!' and she pushed the pants into my stomach.
'Shayla, thanks for the help, but Mommy is going to wear THESE pants today.' As I stepped into my pants Shayla threw herself onto the floor and proceeded to have a full-on temper tantrum. All because her Mommy wouldn't wear those stylish pink pajama pants she had set out for her!

The 2nd was later that same afternoon.
Shayla had just got up from her nap and after a few cuddly minutes I put her down to play. I got up from the couch and headed to the bathroom. As I sat down on the toilet I heard the thunder of little feet running down the hall towards the bathroom. The footfalls stopped, I heard a creak, some rustling and then a little hand pushed open the door and Shayla's cute smiling face peeked inside.
She pushed her way into the washroom and with the same forceful grunt, handed me a certain feminine high-gene product.
I laughed, 'Oh Shayla, thanks but Mommy doesn't need that right now.'
This time, instead of throwing a tantrum, she took off out the door with a new little treasure in each hand!
And I sat on the toilet and continued to laugh. Because... well... you know.
Some people train their children to bring them beer and some people train their children to bring them unmentionable bathroom items for that certain time of the month. OK ONE person does the latter! :)

And to top this story off a few minutes later the doorbell rang. As I rushed to the door Shayla reached up to come with me. It was a guy from Fortis who glanced at Shayla and then quickly looked back at me.
After he left and Shayla and I were back in the living room, I realized why...
she was still holding the treasures in her hot little hands!

Maybe there is such a thing as TOO HELPFUL! ;)


Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhahahahaha!!!!!! There is training potential!! Too funny!

Allise said...

That is funny! I'm sure you gave the Fortis guy something to think about for the rest of the day! :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Cute story!

Christine (I'm back!)

Anonymous said...

That is too funny. I can see that poor guy.... did he seem to be redder than one might normally expect Kimberly?
Shayla is one helpful and smart girl! Watch what you let her see!!!! he,he
Love mom :)