Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome baby Grayson!

Oh so little! OK well not that little... 9lbs 4.5oz! But he still looks very tiny to me!

Grayson... someone loves you very much...

... OK a lot of people love you very much...

... lots and lots!

Sisterly love. BIG sisterly love. When Jody was over with her baby, Caroline, Megan kept confirming which baby was hers... and this one's my baby and that's Jody's baby. Where's my baby Mommy? Oh this one's my baby. Little baby Gracie! (Um I don't think that's the nickname they were going for Meggers!;)

The only picture I got of the cousins before Shayla squirmed off the couch and Megan dropped Grayson on the floor! ;)

Grayson, good thing you came the day before Halloween. Otherwise every year you would have had to celebrate the day of your birth with creatures such as these:

Anyhow, welcome Grayson Alexander! I am so glad I got to be there for your arrival... it really was amazing! They really weren't kidding when they coined it the miracle of birth!


Anonymous said...

they are all so sweet! He is a big boy!
You actually watched that Kimberly?!?! Would you now do it again???

Kimberly said...

I'd watch again... it's much less painful and way more miraculous, as you're not the one dead tired and bleeding everywhere!!! I actually cried which I found weird because I had no urge to cry at Shayla's birth. I just remember the intense feeling of thank god it's over now let her Daddy hold her!
Actually give birth again... I don't know it looked way too painful! ;) Well OK maybe one day...

Anonymous said...

It is a miracle! It was awesome to see my own kids giving birth and an honour to be included in such a very special happening.
Love MOM & farm gramma :)