Monday, March 14, 2011

Cousin love!

Clayton and I became Uncle and Auntie when Riley, our Hodgson side nephew, was born. A few years after that his sister, Zoe came along. We loved being Aunt and Uncle and the kids loved playing with us and playing with each other. It was always quite a peaceful experience hanging out with our Hodgson nephew and niece. An experience filled with hugs and kisses, please and thank yous, yes Mom, here Zoe you can play with this if you want. We thought... this seems like a piece of cake!

And then Megan, our first Gooch side niece, came along. All was good... maybe not altogether peaceful... but good. Then Shayla stepped in and rocked her world. Gooch side get togethers are more of a run for cover kind of event. There is teasing and taunting, pushing and pinching, screaming and crying and a constant whine in the air at all times! No longer was I thinking anything close to a piece of cake! More like a piece of brick that someones keeps relentlessly hitting you over the head with and at the same time shouting directly into your ear, MINE! MINE! NO! AHHHHH!

But sometimes, in the madness, there are brief moments that give me hope... yes they are reading together, side by side on the couch and NOT kicking each other... but there is something even more wonderful about this picture... they are holding hands!

I had to zoom in just to be sure!

Gooch cousin love... sometimes it even looks a little like love!


Vanessa said...

Awwe! This melted my heart! What little sweeties :) It's all tough love with those two girls... but its still love! Can't wait to see them. Great picture kimberly... I can't believe you caught them in such a calm loving moment :)

Anonymous said...

Awwwww... that zoom-in on the hands is so neat!
Kimberly, some folks have different ways of showing their love.... some are quiet and gentle while some are louder and more enthusiastic! he,he
Like Vanessa says, its still love!
Love and good night. See you in 4 sleeps! Yikes it's coming fast and the house is a mess!
Love Mom :)

Allise said...

That is sweet! Love the posts!

Corrine said...

Awe, lets hope we have lots of these moments during the next 2 weeks! Megan told me she was so excited to see her cousin, Shayla and that she was even going to try and share with her!!!

Allise said...

Oh! I also forgot to say: Shayla, be warned. The tough love now will stay until about age 13 (which may or may not include being pushed up into trees - honestly I think Megan comes by it naturally) at which you should feel free to retaliate against your admired cousin(s) and then proceed to be great friends with. ;) :)xo

Kimberly said...

Hahahaha! What is with ALL the cousins having bad memories about us and trees?!!! hehehe We were super awesomely nice older cousins... that's how I remember
it!!! ;)++++++++++