Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seriously Mother Nature?!!!

Really? More snow? You know I wasn't kidding before... I really did NOT want to build another snowman this year!!! It is April 17!!! It should not still be snowing! I am really beginning to DISlike a certain Mother of Nature!!!

By the way... Happy Birthday Dad! How did you spend your day... planting the garden? Mowing the lawn? Basking outside in the sunshine with a beer in hand? Oh no wait I've got it... down at the beach for a swim?!!! ;) Bet you wish you were here!!!

Here are a couple of pictures of what I think SPRING should look like:

This was in March out at my parents... we spent a lot of time each day trying to pet baby calves. I myself much prefer this activity to walking around the block 15 times everyday!

Grampa and Gramma with the Grand kids!

On our quick trip to Lillooet... checking out Vanessa's fish pond.

Okay I guess I shouldn't complain too much... at least on my birthday Mother Nature granted us a nice day to explore Writing on Stone. She must have realized that I was turning 30 and shitty weather would have really pushed me over the edge! ;) Actually being 30 isn't that bad. When people notice all my grey hair they'll be like oh yeah but she is 30 you know! Now if I can just get rid of my teenage pimples I'll be right on track with the normal way to age!

Happy spring everyone!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

OK so I lied!

Really I did honestly think I would post something while I was in BC. Considering I wrote up a post that just needed a tad bit of editing... before I even left AB... it is pretty sad that I didn't! But that is just how I get when I'm out there I guess. All focused on farm and family activities and spending as much time outside as possible. Huh... I wonder... maybe if I hadn't moved to BI I never would have took up quilting or got so addicted to scrap booking! Well and of course I never would have started this wonderful blog! Thank God I moved here! hahaha!!!

Anyhow, we had a super GREAT time! It was wonderful and warm and very spring like... the way the end of March should be! ;) Glad I missed the dragging on of winter out here.

As we feared Shayla and Megan had a few million spats but by the second week they seemed a little more use to spending THAT much time together. The second week involved much less refereeing and much more just enjoying ourselves!

Shayla and Sarina did pretty good too... other then their one UFC match over the slide. Sarina wound up with few face wounds but Vanessa said she saw Sarina get a few good swings in there at the start. Clayton's reaction when I told him... that's my girl! So now we know why she's a bully... her Dad has been egging her on!

And as we expected she is a bit of an adrenaline junky. After Megan tried loping on the horse Shayla wanted a turn. Vanessa said she was shouting weeee weee the whole time and ended with a big smile on her face. And then kept asking to run for the rest of the ride.

Well I am sure there are lots more cute stories but for now I'll leave you with this:
Portable DVD players are better then peeing on the pot!!! hahaha! No really that is how great they are! Never thought I would say it. But the horrible 9 hour I mean 14 hour drive wasn't even that horrible and wasn't even that much longer then 9 hours! I am forever indebted to the inventor of the portable DVD player! Although now I have a TV addicted child.
When we got in the car for the long drive home Megan shouted 'YEAH I GET TO SEE DADDY!!!' And Shayla shouted in the same high pitched and excited tone, 'YEAH TVVVVVVV!!!'