Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Clayton!

How old are you today Clayton?
What? You don't have enough fingers and toes to show me!!!
You must be real old then!

30 years old... but wait, isn't 30 the new 20!

And it's fun to be 30. You get to spend the day wifeless but not childless and involved in home inspections until late into the evening and then come home and cook your own supper! Yes turning 30 is fun! Who wants meals prepared for them, cake and presents on their birthdays anyhow?

At least you are now having a beer with a friend in the hunting shack... that's something fun right?!

Oh and conditions are off... our house is sold!!!
That's something too!

Best birthday ever... right Clayton???!!!
Love ya!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Shayla!

How old are you today Shayla?
That's right... 2 years old! They weren't kidding... time sure does fly!

Thanks Corrine for helping me decorate the cupcakes. Clayton thought we were insane spending over 3 hours decorating something that was going to be eaten. And that's the difference between women and men... women are INSANE!!!

Here is Shayla playing with her friends at her party last weekend.
P.S. Thank you mother nature for stopping the rain and warming it up 15 minutes before the party started! We were getting a little worried about how much fun would be had if the party was moved inside and there was standing room only!

Pass the parcel.

Blowing out the candles... with a little help!
Hey, who stole the 'H' from Happy?!!! Jared!??? Oh wait, you were the one squirting everyone with a water gun while innocently holding your baby girl!!! You couldn't have had time to steal the 'H' as well! ;)

Can you tell the party is nearing the end... Megan and Shayla zoning out so much that they shared the chair and the chips!

Hope you had a fun party Shayla... even though you had to share it with your Dad. Yes Clayton that was your party too... didn't you notice the one Oreo cupcake with your name on it?!!!

Today on Shayla's actual day of birth we ended up not having any extra kids. So, as it was raining almost cats and dogs, we went into town and went swimming. It was a really lovely day... just Shayla and Mommy. We swam for 2 hours... because Shayla's 2 now... and then shared 2 chicken wraps, of course. It is fun to be 2!

And it is fun to be the Mom of a two year old...

Before getting back in the car for the drive home we emptied our bladders at the pool bathroom. As we were finishing up washing our hands a lady walked by us to a stall, closed the door and proceeded to pee... because, well, that's what you do in bathrooms.
Shayla ran over to the stall and shouted excitedly to me... pee! pee! pee!
Yes Shayla she's peeing too, I say, Now lets go honey.
Shayla turns and starts to follow me out of the bathroom... and I am telling you we were so close... almost out the door even... when from the occupied stall erupts a very loud fart.
Shayla stops in her tracks. Poop! she shouts even more excitedly and runs back to in front of the stall pointing and chanting poop poop poop!

Thank you lady for waiting until we were gone before exiting the stall. And don't try and deny it... I am pretty sure I heard you chuckling too!

Two year olds... SO MUCH FUN!

Candles with hot flames are almost as fun as someone taking a poop... almost! ;)
I know it's a leftover cupcake from the party... but really she would have been just as excited about a gob of icing with two candles stuck in it!

Happy 2nd Birthday Shayla!
We love you so much!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

30 and officially over-the-hill!

It is so funny looking back at your life and thinking of all those times an older person said, "One day you will see, one day you will understand." And I distinctly remember thinking, "Yeah right! Never! I will NEVER think like that or understand! I will never be like you!"


How wrong I was!

And it is so funny how your thoughts... perspective on life... just change... you just can't help it. And as my younger self would have hoped I don't even think... too bad, wish I could have held on to my younger way of thinking. Nope. I just think, 'Oh one day you little prick, you'll understand. One day you'll see it my way and want to smack that dumbass youngster upside the head! One day you'll see!'

So I suppose you're wondering what triggered this post?

Well we had a new neighbour move in recently, a young man... a boy really. And of course, after seeing the friends stopping by... ones who graced me with their lovely, respecting presence when I worked at the Youth Centre... you get a little judgemental.
Oh crap, now we have a party house on our street again! Good bye peaceful sleep!

This is the worse part about living in town! I could NOT imagine living somewhere other then sleepy little BI!

Last night he hosted another party and this time other then just loud music until 4 in the morning we got to listen to a full on shouting match with every second word being the f-bomb at 3am for about an hour.

So now I know from experience... old people like, I mean NEED their sleep. Because, even though it's a Sunday, their kid is still going to wake them up at 6am!!! And they are pregnant and having trouble sleeping anyhow... and 2am was when they finally did fall asleep to be woken again an hour later! Should I go on... ;)

Anyhow, later that same day we were at the Sunday Chinese buffet and Clayton pointed out the young man . And I honestly couldn't help myself. I didn't even really plan it. And I still find it hard to believe that I said anything at all... I am just usually way to meek... or some word like that.

I went up to the buffet and let him have it! OK OK I didn't really let him have it but I said some like... hey neighbour, so you had a bit of a loud party last night huh, listening to a shouting match of f-bombs for an hour at 3am when your trying to sleep, turns out to be not that much fun!

Wait I missed something, I am sure I said this at some point... now I was young once but...

So there you have it folks... I am officially over-the-hill! Mainly because I just used the word folks! ;)

As we were walking home, I said to Clayton, it is just so funny how things change, I remember a time I would have been SO embarrassed to listen to my Mom say something like that to a young kid. I guess I have truly crossed over into adulthood! It`s kind of scary though... imagine the things that are going to come out of my mouth by the time I`m 60!

I guess it`s true... in my case anyhow... the older you get, the bitchier you get!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I hope all you Mothers out there had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. Mine was very low-key and enjoyable. We popped over to Anne's for a bit in the morning and then just stuck around the house and lounged outside and finished a few renovation odds and ends that were nagging!

Clayton and I decided last year that Mother's Day and Father's Day wouldn't be a big deal at our house.
For 2 reasons:
1. If he didn't do much for me then I wouldn't have to do much for him. We both like how that works!
2. I'm not his Mother and he's not my Father!

I'm looking forward to cute little hushed nosies coming from the kitchen as the kids work together to make us a special surprise breakfast in bed... along with a handmade card of course!

But this year I already got a handmade card that Clayton and Shayla made and a Free Ticket: To do whatever I wanted on Mother's Day... it expires today he said as Shayla handed it to me! (I bought the flower for myself earlier in the week.)

He did put a little thought into the ticket, because when I laughed and said you're lucky I'm pretty tired and sore today I don't really feel like going anywhere... he smiled and said, I know!

But not quite enough thought to be a little more specific on the wording.

After he made breakfast and cleaned up, we were both sitting on the couch I said, 'What I really want right now is to have someone bring me a glass of water so I don't have to get up.'

Clayton: 'Hey, you were suppose to pick one thing... it can't be every little thing all day!'

Kimberly: 'Now where did it state that on the ticket!'

Clayton: 'Fine I'll get you a glass of water but you really should read the fine print on that ticket.'

Kimberly: 'I don't need to read the fine print, I'll pick one thing... the one thing I really want today is for you to do whatever I ask you to!'

Clayton: 'You're funny!'

He did get up and bring me a glass of water but I'm sure I heard scribbling in the kitchen while he was in there. Later when I took another look at the ticket it had surely been tampered with.

This time he had covered all his bases:

If you're having trouble reading the blurry picture, it says: Some restrictions apply!

Friday, May 6, 2011

We'd probably have better chances at winning the lottery!!!

Yes I do believe that this is true... we'd have a better chance at winning the lottery... even though I don't buy tickets... than having another child who is as good as eater as Shayla!

She is crazy! And in eating her craziness is no exception.
Tonight we made soft tacos. She was sampling things as I was cutting... a piece of mushroom here, a red pepper there, some lettuce... but nothing was as tasty as the onion! She just couldn't get enough raw onion!

Then she helped make her taco... she added everything to it... even the hot salsa. And then proceeded to eat the entire thing! And it was a full size taco! The whole time saying... um nummy!

Of course I take all the credit for her good eating habits... it`s just those nasty temper tantrums and screaming fits that she was born with... everything else good is all because of me!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

All good parents tell themselves this... right... ;)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just because I have two minutes and haven't posted in forever...

And that is pretty much what this post is!!!
So hi, how are ya?

OK I have though of two cute enough things to write about...

The other day Shayla was helping me move some rocks from in front of my flower bed. It was not just cute enough but the cutest thing ever... she'd lift a rock, any size, and say, 'Heavy Mommy, heavy!' Really acting out the facial expressions of lifting something really heavy... even if it was a pebble!
Then if she did get a pretty big one I'd say, 'Oh careful Shayla that one is really heavy.'
And she'd say, 'Yeah heavy Mommy. I strong Mommy!'

Yes Shayla, one day you'll be beating the boys in arm wrestles which will fill you up with self pride at the time. Although in the long run it'll be your curse to having to wait until grade 12 for a boy to ask you out! Although this is something Mommy would be quite happy about! Keep lifting those heavy rocks!!! ;)

Also I noticed Shayla biting her nails the other day. This was a habit I was REALLY trying to stop so she didn't start... to no avail as you all now know! Anyhow I said, 'Oh Shayla, Mommy and Shayla should try and not bite our nails... see how nice and long your nails are. Nailing biting is a bad habit.'
Ever since then whenever she sees me... just even start to put a finger in my mouth... she runs over to me, grabs my hand and says 'No Mommy, no nail!' It is pretty cute and apparently working because just yesterday she came up to me and grabbed my hand and put it up by my mouth.
'What are you doing Shayla?' I laughed.
She laughed and then proceeded to pull my hand away from my mouth and shout 'No Mommy, no nail!'
Apparently for a 2 year old telling her Mom what to do is more fun then her Mom actually achieving what she is telling her to do! hahaha!