Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Clayton!

How old are you today Clayton?
What? You don't have enough fingers and toes to show me!!!
You must be real old then!

30 years old... but wait, isn't 30 the new 20!

And it's fun to be 30. You get to spend the day wifeless but not childless and involved in home inspections until late into the evening and then come home and cook your own supper! Yes turning 30 is fun! Who wants meals prepared for them, cake and presents on their birthdays anyhow?

At least you are now having a beer with a friend in the hunting shack... that's something fun right?!

Oh and conditions are off... our house is sold!!!
That's something too!

Best birthday ever... right Clayton???!!!
Love ya!


Vanessa said...

Poor guy... sounds like turning 30 is not quite as fun as... lets say... turning 2! But I guess its up to clayton to chat poop outside the bathroom stall door! :) Happy Birthday Clayton! Hope the rest of the year is AWESOME!! in your new house :)

Corrine said...

Yippee finally a house with lots of room for visitors!!! Clayton, if you think I was at your house a lot before, just wait until you move into your new house that has enough bedrooms for me and both my lil darlings! lol oh yeah Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Clayton!
What a busy day.... at least the end result will be more room and more yard to keep! No time for mischief anymore!.....
What excitement...
Love Farm Mom :)