Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Shayla!

How old are you today Shayla?
That's right... 2 years old! They weren't kidding... time sure does fly!

Thanks Corrine for helping me decorate the cupcakes. Clayton thought we were insane spending over 3 hours decorating something that was going to be eaten. And that's the difference between women and men... women are INSANE!!!

Here is Shayla playing with her friends at her party last weekend.
P.S. Thank you mother nature for stopping the rain and warming it up 15 minutes before the party started! We were getting a little worried about how much fun would be had if the party was moved inside and there was standing room only!

Pass the parcel.

Blowing out the candles... with a little help!
Hey, who stole the 'H' from Happy?!!! Jared!??? Oh wait, you were the one squirting everyone with a water gun while innocently holding your baby girl!!! You couldn't have had time to steal the 'H' as well! ;)

Can you tell the party is nearing the end... Megan and Shayla zoning out so much that they shared the chair and the chips!

Hope you had a fun party Shayla... even though you had to share it with your Dad. Yes Clayton that was your party too... didn't you notice the one Oreo cupcake with your name on it?!!!

Today on Shayla's actual day of birth we ended up not having any extra kids. So, as it was raining almost cats and dogs, we went into town and went swimming. It was a really lovely day... just Shayla and Mommy. We swam for 2 hours... because Shayla's 2 now... and then shared 2 chicken wraps, of course. It is fun to be 2!

And it is fun to be the Mom of a two year old...

Before getting back in the car for the drive home we emptied our bladders at the pool bathroom. As we were finishing up washing our hands a lady walked by us to a stall, closed the door and proceeded to pee... because, well, that's what you do in bathrooms.
Shayla ran over to the stall and shouted excitedly to me... pee! pee! pee!
Yes Shayla she's peeing too, I say, Now lets go honey.
Shayla turns and starts to follow me out of the bathroom... and I am telling you we were so close... almost out the door even... when from the occupied stall erupts a very loud fart.
Shayla stops in her tracks. Poop! she shouts even more excitedly and runs back to in front of the stall pointing and chanting poop poop poop!

Thank you lady for waiting until we were gone before exiting the stall. And don't try and deny it... I am pretty sure I heard you chuckling too!

Two year olds... SO MUCH FUN!

Candles with hot flames are almost as fun as someone taking a poop... almost! ;)
I know it's a leftover cupcake from the party... but really she would have been just as excited about a gob of icing with two candles stuck in it!

Happy 2nd Birthday Shayla!
We love you so much!


Love the Balaskis said...

Kev and I had a good chuckle over your bathroom cheering! You are too cute!

Vanessa said...

_appy Birthday from me too! What a fun looking party... sad I missed it :( Shay and Megs looked tuckered out, thats how you know it was good times!
The poop story was just as good the second time around... silent belly laughing for me!!
Those pig tails sure remind me of someone... hmmm??

Allise said...

Very cute Kimberly... and Shayla!
Love hearing your stories :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Bathroom commentary. Play-by-play! Shayla, 2 year old.... you are too cute!

I was thinking the same thing about those pigtails! Looks familiar.

I was glad to be a part of your big party Shayla and your little one Clayton!

Where did those "Clayton designed cupcakes" get to? Even though the "Insane" women spend a lot of time on such things as decorating what we will eat later.... I remember evidence of a man trying his hand at decorating! Somehow they didn't get in the pictures! Clayton, were they not cute little ladybugs and butterflies?

Love these blogs Kimberly..... and the pictures are great too..... although it takes me forever to get on line sometimes!

Love Mom :)