Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just because I have two minutes and haven't posted in forever...

And that is pretty much what this post is!!!
So hi, how are ya?

OK I have though of two cute enough things to write about...

The other day Shayla was helping me move some rocks from in front of my flower bed. It was not just cute enough but the cutest thing ever... she'd lift a rock, any size, and say, 'Heavy Mommy, heavy!' Really acting out the facial expressions of lifting something really heavy... even if it was a pebble!
Then if she did get a pretty big one I'd say, 'Oh careful Shayla that one is really heavy.'
And she'd say, 'Yeah heavy Mommy. I strong Mommy!'

Yes Shayla, one day you'll be beating the boys in arm wrestles which will fill you up with self pride at the time. Although in the long run it'll be your curse to having to wait until grade 12 for a boy to ask you out! Although this is something Mommy would be quite happy about! Keep lifting those heavy rocks!!! ;)

Also I noticed Shayla biting her nails the other day. This was a habit I was REALLY trying to stop so she didn't start... to no avail as you all now know! Anyhow I said, 'Oh Shayla, Mommy and Shayla should try and not bite our nails... see how nice and long your nails are. Nailing biting is a bad habit.'
Ever since then whenever she sees me... just even start to put a finger in my mouth... she runs over to me, grabs my hand and says 'No Mommy, no nail!' It is pretty cute and apparently working because just yesterday she came up to me and grabbed my hand and put it up by my mouth.
'What are you doing Shayla?' I laughed.
She laughed and then proceeded to pull my hand away from my mouth and shout 'No Mommy, no nail!'
Apparently for a 2 year old telling her Mom what to do is more fun then her Mom actually achieving what she is telling her to do! hahaha!


Vanessa said...

I almost fell off my chair in shock to see a new posting! Woo hoo!! :) Such cute stories. Shay-Ray is such a character, I'm sad you guys didn't send her out... but she still is a little too young. I'm waiting patiently for Megs to get up so we can play, I have a feeling Shayla would have been up hours ago! :) Good luck with the nail biting, sound like with Shaylas help you'll get it licked this time! :)

Allise said...

Yay a new post! That is so sweet about the whole nail biting thing! I love reading your posts Kimberly so keep them coming!!!!

Corrine said...

Shayla is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Too cute. Love kids and all their stages!
Good luck on stopping your nail biting. Our kids usually help us with a lot of things like that!

Love Mom :)