Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I hope all you Mothers out there had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. Mine was very low-key and enjoyable. We popped over to Anne's for a bit in the morning and then just stuck around the house and lounged outside and finished a few renovation odds and ends that were nagging!

Clayton and I decided last year that Mother's Day and Father's Day wouldn't be a big deal at our house.
For 2 reasons:
1. If he didn't do much for me then I wouldn't have to do much for him. We both like how that works!
2. I'm not his Mother and he's not my Father!

I'm looking forward to cute little hushed nosies coming from the kitchen as the kids work together to make us a special surprise breakfast in bed... along with a handmade card of course!

But this year I already got a handmade card that Clayton and Shayla made and a Free Ticket: To do whatever I wanted on Mother's Day... it expires today he said as Shayla handed it to me! (I bought the flower for myself earlier in the week.)

He did put a little thought into the ticket, because when I laughed and said you're lucky I'm pretty tired and sore today I don't really feel like going anywhere... he smiled and said, I know!

But not quite enough thought to be a little more specific on the wording.

After he made breakfast and cleaned up, we were both sitting on the couch I said, 'What I really want right now is to have someone bring me a glass of water so I don't have to get up.'

Clayton: 'Hey, you were suppose to pick one thing... it can't be every little thing all day!'

Kimberly: 'Now where did it state that on the ticket!'

Clayton: 'Fine I'll get you a glass of water but you really should read the fine print on that ticket.'

Kimberly: 'I don't need to read the fine print, I'll pick one thing... the one thing I really want today is for you to do whatever I ask you to!'

Clayton: 'You're funny!'

He did get up and bring me a glass of water but I'm sure I heard scribbling in the kitchen while he was in there. Later when I took another look at the ticket it had surely been tampered with.

This time he had covered all his bases:

If you're having trouble reading the blurry picture, it says: Some restrictions apply!


Allise said...

Once again I am reading your blog whilst drinking my morning cup of tea and you have me laughing.. or should I say Clayton has me laughing :)
Thanks for sharing! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love your two reasons.... I think your Dad and I felt pretty much the same way!
And "Some restrictions may apply" is probably a good idea when it comes to Kimberly, eh Clayton?
Love Mom :)