Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A 'true' outdoor wedding!

We spent last weekend in the resort wilderness just outside of Radium at Clayton's second cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful spot! And tenting it turned out to not be all that bad at 8 months pregnant.
Here is the main lodge:

Trying out the wood heated hot tub:

The view from the cabins... looking down at the tenting area:

Trying out the wagon... Mommy pull! Mommy pull! Hahaha Shayla!!!

Throwing rocks in the river:

The hike back up from the river... never looks as steep in a picture:

The natural bridge... the location of the wedding ceremony:

Meaghan and her Dad:

Natural beauty:

The wedding party... what a view:

Franz and Meaghan:

Why I can't ever look nice... hahaha... never tried that hard before Shayla, so I suppose I shouldn't blame her! And my looking nice was far less important then Shayla being quiet during the ceremony! Mess up Mommy's hair as much as you want honey... as long as you do it quietly!!!

Yes Clayton wore a hoodie to the wedding... but it was just that kind of wedding:

Had to get a family picture with a back drop like that:

The cute wedding cake:

We had lots of fun!
Although Shayla is still waiting for Megan's birthday party to happen. In the future I WILL remember about same name confusion with small children!!! The whole weekend whenever we mentioned party or dance she got all excited for Megan's birthday party and would then inquire... where's Megan Mommy? Clayton tried to explain... Meaghan is Daddy's cousin... oh wait that didn't help. No Daddy, Megan is my cousin... duh!!! Lets just stick with big Meaghan.

And Shayla mentioned Megan's birthday party again today! Corrine either you are going to have to have a party for Megan or Shayla will go crazy waiting until December!!!

Anyhow... congrats big Meaghan and Franz!

What? Isn't it ever girls dream... to be called big at her wedding!!! ;)

Friday, June 17, 2011

2nd Child Syndrome

The 2nd Child Syndrome... you just can't help it.
You're just too busy dealing with the 1st child which at this age is a syndrome all in it's self! Plus the first time everything about the pregnancy and parenting was all new to you and very exciting.
Sure the second time is exciting because of the new little person that will soon be an addition to the family. But being pregnant is now nothing new and for example the monthly belly pictures change from being taken on the 1st of every month too oh crap how many months have gone by since we took the last picture?!!!

And I can say these things without guilt... cause I am a 2nd child!!!

I've heard some 2nd children really complain about their situation in life. And I just don't get it...I guess because I don't remember it being that bad! Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Corrine wasn't getting new stuff either... when that big black garbage bag full of second-hand clothes was plunked down on the living room floor it was like Christmas morning in the Gooch household!

Plus I always kind of figured it this way:
Corrine, being the first born, would have all the parenting mistakes done on her. By the time they got around to me Mom and Dad would have all the kinks worked out. By this standard Vanessa, the third child, should have had it even better off as they would have been perfect parents by then! ;) But here's the hitch... the youngest Justin, a boy, was born! Leaving Vanessa to be their baby girl. And you know what they say about the baby girl! So heaven help the youngest and only baby boy!
Anyhow to sum this up... what I am trying to tell you is... I was in the position to turn out the best!!! hahahaha!!!
I think I have a whole different form of the 2nd Child Syndrome!!!

But that was a very long tangent.
And here is where I was going with this post...
I have been putting off a couple of things that I did for Shayla, thinking maybe I just wouldn't get around to it, and baby would understand. And then I realized I never felt the effect of the 2nd Child Syndrome because my parents were very, very fair with all us kids.
So I got my butt in gear and painted baby a picture for his/her new room at the new house!

Painting down... quilt to go!

And here's a picture of the 1st Syndrome herself!

I was taking pictures of our first house and she was running around posing in all the pictures.
Yes, I think I will be a little sad to say good-bye.

Oh come on Corrine and Vanessa... I said... I was in the postion to... not that I actually did turn out the best! ;)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


This is post 200 everyone! Isn't that exciting?! And it only took me 5 years to get here!
OK so maybe I couldn't make a living selling advertising for my oh so popular blog... unless you 5 viewers are willing to buy A LOT of crap!!!
But I suppose it is kind of fitting that post 200 is going to bring you back to the first year of my posting...
So unless you have a really good memory or your name is Vanessa you may want to check out these two links... they will help make the following story make more sense.
Although I'm sure you remember the time Clayton was stuck on the roof... and how could you forget about the door falling on me.

OK, so you're back.
Thanks for taking the time to read those stories... and I'll make it up to you by trying to make this quick!

The other day Clayton, Shayla and I were out picking up the hunting shack for some extra space for our company to sleep in over the May long weekend. It was stored out in a friend's quonset which was next to a couple of farm yards.
It was a nice family drive out in the country and Shayla and I were exploring a bit while Clayton was hooking things up. Then he recruited us to drive the trailer out of the shop. Shayla had fun sitting on my lap and after I got out she wanted to stay in the truck.

She was pretending to drive and then looked at me and said 'I honk Mommy?'
'OK Shayla but just one time because we are still near people's houses.' I tell her.

She honked once. And then got a few quick ones in before I could saying anything. Clayton, approaching the vehicle, says, 'Geez Kimberly, we're not way out in the country or something, people live here you know.'

'Yeah, I know, I told her to only honk once OK!'

'Well that wasn't once!'

'Oh, I'm sorry she honked like 3 times... geez...'

'OK, whatever, we're ready to go anyhow.' Clayton says as he hops into the driver's seat. I have just finished buckling Shayla into her car seat and I am sliding into the front passenger side when I hear Clayton say, 'Hi.'

A lady and her dog are walking up to the truck. 'Hi,' she says, 'I just heard the honking and I thought I had better come check it out just in case someone was in trouble.'

Clayton, sounding quite apologetic, says, 'Oh, sorry about that, our daughter was playing in the truck and started honking the horn.'

'Oh no problem, I just thought I should check it out. Better to be safe then sorry you know.'

'Well thanks a lot,' Clayton says and we wave good-bye.

As we turn out on to the road Clayton, looking straight ahead, says, 'Shayla honked 3 times you say... well at least SOME people know the international code for S.O.S.!!!'

Good one Clayton! Good one!
And they say women don't let go of the past! :)