Sunday, July 24, 2011

New house... and finally a new post!

Well here are some pictures of the new house! Taken at dusk... but that's as good as it's going to get right now! We have been so busy... and enjoying it. Clayton has yet to hook up the satellite... so we must be busy. ;)
I have to get some pictures from Mom of all the before and all the painting as I didn't take any. Other then Shayla and Megan painting her purple wall!
I am sure you'll figure out which room is which so I am going to refrain from writing any more details as it is late and time to go to bed. I put up a picture of our closet because it is probably triple the size of our old closet and yet still jammed packed!!! Which has seemed to be the theme of the whole place... apparently we had a whole lot of crap jammed into our old little house! Crazy!
Also notice all the berry bushes... and come pick! The raspberries are ripe and endless... please come! :)

To the downstairs... not totally finished... so we'll get to that later!
Thanks for checking in after such a long break from posting.

And a huge THANK YOU to our Moms, my sisters, and everyone else who helped us clean, paint, move and unpack... I can't believe we got it all done in 9 days!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!


Vanessa said...

Looks good with everything moved in! It is a little jam packed! :) guess you don't need to buy a bunch of new stuff, which is nice. I'm stoked you guys are loving your new place and I'm very happy you found time for a new post! How's the belly?? maybe you'll copy corrine this time and have your baby on the due date! with only 4 hours of labour!! :) would be nice, if only we were all so lucky ;)

Allise said...

Wow! That looks like a pretty nice place you 4 have moved into! Thanks for posting some pictures! Hope to catch up soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Kimberly.
It is a beautiful house and I sure love that deck and front yard. So cozy for sitting and visiting or relaxing!
I was so glad to help. We were a whirl-wind team, weren't we? Team work.... many hands make light work.... all for one and one for all.... the more the merrier.... etc.
I better get all the pictures I took onto my computer and then onto a data stick for you!
Hope you're feeling great and that baby comes on your due date or darn close to it.
See you again in a couple weeks!
We await the phone call... at any time, day or night.
Thanks for the blog and all the nice pictures.
Mom :)

Anonymous said...

wow, that is a nice place! congrats

Corrine said...

I see that you have the tree painting up in the baby's room - looks good! Did you put Shayla's turtles up?