Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just a little entertaining chit chat

I have to share a phone conversation held between Megan and Shayla recently. I always put it on speaker phone when they are talking, because who'd wanna miss out on hearing this:



Hi Aunty. Can I talk to Shayla?

Oh hi Megan, how are you?

Can I talk to Shayla.

Yup. Just hold on I have to get her. What are you up to?

Hi Shayla.

Just a minute Megan I have to get her.


Even I can take that big a hint!
So I pass the phone to Shayla.

Hi Shayla!


Hi Shayla what are you doing?

I play withth a wrock.

What'd you say Shayla?

Grey wrock.

What Shayla?!

Wrock. Big wrock Meegan.


Wrock. Black wrock. As Shayla is pressing the rock into the phone to show Megan.



Mommmmm Shayla wants to go for a walk. Corrine says something in the background which Shayla hears.

I talk to Aunty Cream.

What'd you say Shayla?

Aunty Cream.


Should I go on... oh... you get the picture!!!

Cutest thing ever!


Vanessa said...

Awwe! So cute... little frienemies :) You'll long for these convos when they are chatting to each other at age 16 about boys and other dreadful things!

Allise said...

That is cute! I, as always, LOVE reading your posts!
And are you four now? Or still three in waiting? :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I can just picture it... and see both girls. Both knowing what they are talking about and staying on track.... at least until a distraction!

Looking at the date and times of Vanessa's and Allise's comments seems weird... that Vanessa and I are on the road to B.I. and Tristan arrives within one day!!!

Mom :)