Monday, September 5, 2011

A photoshoot..

...with a 2 year old and new born. AS HARD AS IT LOOKS!!! ;)


Anonymous said...

Man, bout as hard as getting your mom and dad to smile at the same time, eh Kimberly? He,He
Shayla is so cute! Man, Tristan is holding his head up very well.
It's an adorable set of pictures... like they are right into this photo shoot.... he,he
Love mom :)

Anonymous said...

Had to scan through them again..... too cute!
See you all in a few more sleeps.
Love Mom :) & Dad

Anonymous said...

Oh... don't forget to change that "our little family" picture on the right hand side of your blog now with your precious addition!!!

Allise Boruta said...

Great pictures Kimberly! Can't wait to meet Tristan! xo

Anonymous said...

Great pics girl! Glad Shayla likes her new baby brother!


Vanessa said...

Man, I'm so far down the list of comments... we miss you K, blog more! Of course it doesn't count that mom is the first three :)
Cute pictures... did they happen in that order? or were there fifty more?

Anonymous said...

I just had to come look at these pictures again. I like them and I like Vanessa's question... were there 50 more pictures? he,he

Now I've hogged another comment V.

Allise, hope you have some time off during C, K, S & T's visit here. Let us know.

See you guys tomorrow night or Saturday Kimberly.
Love mom :)

Corrine said...

They both look so cute! And you must not have said, "smile" cause Shayla's not doing her smile face! lol Have fun in BC you lucky bugger!