Saturday, October 29, 2011

Little Miss Megan

Late into our drive back to AB from BC we got a lesson in healthy eating from little Miss Megan:

Megan: I'm still hungry Gramma

Gramma: Would you like a granola bar?

Megan: Sure!

Megan gobbles down the granola bar.

Megan: Gramma...

Gramma: Yes Megan

Megan: Actually my Mom doesn't give me treats at bedtime. She gives me a healthy snack.

Gramma: Like apples or carrots?

Megan: No. Like popcorn twists.

Nice work Corrine... as long as they think it's healthy... right? ;)

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

Mind over matter, and it's easy because she likes it! Lucky Megan :)

Kimberly I was just rereading your most recent stories, so funny... however a new one or five would be nice.... you can't be that busy or tired?! You've been getting more sleep haven't you?