Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Well that lasted just over a week!

And she has her 'sucky' back!
Yet I still feel like a failure for giving in.
Which leads me to wonder... what the hell is wrong with me?!!!
You'd think the last week we endured... where we were all sleep deprived and I became worst mother of the year... would have made me feel more like a failure.
But oh no...
giving my child something that makes her sigh deeply, roll over and go right to sleep ON HER OWN (even with a bad cough and plugged nose)...
now that's what makes me feel like I lost.
So I say again... what the hell is wrong with me?!!!

Bring on the judgers!
'Cause that girl is having her sucky until she goes to college!

And now it is time to go to bed and actually get a little sleep!
I can't wait!

Friday, November 25, 2011

One long time k

If Shayla came with a catch phrase, this would be it! One long time k!
At first I thought she wasn't saying it quite right. Like she was actually meaning to say: Just one more time OK?

Like when she is playing with her doll and pretending to burp it, she stops burping, turns doll's face to hers and says, one long time k and then starts burping again.

Or when she's kissing Tristan. She kisses his forehead and then touch his cheeks and says one long time k and then kisses him again.

Or if I tell her it's time to stop what she is doing and do something else. She'll say one long time k. And keep doing what she doing.

After a time I started to realize that maybe I wasn't translating quite right.

Like the other day when we were in the Hat and about to get in the car to go home and I remembered that I had forgot to get Shayla to pee when we left the passport office. I said, 'Shayla we forgot to pee lets go into the Dairy Queen and use their bathroom.'
A full on temper tantrum right there in the Dairy Queen drive through lane broke loose. Apparently peeing at a Dairy Queen is like asking you to cut off your right arm.

It was loud. It was shrill. It was shouting profanities. (OK so maybe Shayla wasn't doing the last thing. But then again I guess I didn't specify who was having the tantrum! ;)

Anyhow part way through she started shouting ONE LONG TIME K between screams. The shrillest, longest high pitched screams I have ever heard.

And this lead me to the realization that one long time K... really means one LONG time K!

That was one long time alright.

I seriously stood there not knowing what to do. What do you do?
No seriously I am asking you all... WHAT DO YOU DO????

Finally I got in the car and pretended to drive away.
Thank the Lord this worked.

Or someone might have been reporting me to Child Services!

Or maybe they did already... enough people got to see the show.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The hockey debate

OK all you hockey fanatics, now don't get me wrong... I like the sport of hockey.
I love fun filled winter hockey matches on our Grampa's pond.
And it is the only sport I actually don't mind watching on TV.
And any type of exercise is better then nothing.


I just don't want to give up my life for the sport!
OK OK there I go being selfish again.
But come on... don't you think it is a little ridiculous when every weekend, Sundays included, of fall, winter and early spring are filled with hockey games and travelling to hockey games.
What? You don't?
But what about all the practices on weekdays, sometimes at 5:30am?
Come on. A little ridiculous... no?
Oh and then to top it off... hockey camp in the SUMMER!!! And this all can start by the age of 3!
Ridiculous... yes!!!

And then Clayton goes and says something about well Kimberly it'll all be worth it when our kid makes it to the NHL and is supporting our asses. DON'T EVEN! Parents who dream of their kid making it to the NHL... and then proceed to get all crazy... while junior is out picking his nose on the ice and wondering if he'll make president of the chess club this year. Don't even get me started.

So the other day I say to Clayton, how about we meet in the middle... if our kids ask to go in hockey then we put them in hockey. But not before then and not if they don't show any interest.

And then Clayton goes and totally shocks me by saying...
Actually I don't think I want Shayla in hockey anyhow.


I don't know. She's a girl...


Oh calm down Kimberly. I just don't want her to be one of those macho, tomboy girls.


Not if we don't put her in hockey.


OK OK! Jeez Kimberly, she can play hockey if you feel that strongly about it.
He turned to walk away and as he did I caught the glimpse of a smile spreading across his face.

Which left me standing there with an open mouth, completely dumbfounded.

Did Clayton just beat me at my own game?
He did.
He just used WORDS to kick my ass to the curb!
How did that happen?
Using WORDS to get what one WANTS is what I DO!

Looks like I'll have to start watching Band of Brothers with the remote in one hand and a beer in the other.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The brave little boy

Today marked the day of Tristan`s first round of shots.

Poor Tristan, said Shayla, I will help him be a brave boy.
And she tried her best... I am sure she put her best foot forward and her brave face on. But sometimes it`s just really hard to be brave.

It went pretty much exactly like this:

OK Shayla, Mommy has to hold Tristan`s hands and leg tightly so the nurse can give him the needle, and you can help him be a brave boy and tell him it`ll be alright.

OK Mommy.

Shayla has on her brave face.
The needle goes in.
Shayla`s brave face turns white and blank.
Tristan cries.
Shayla`s eyes close and mouth opens and she lets out a blood curdling scream. Which gets louder with every needle and pretty much does not subside until we have left the building!

OK OK... they turned to sobs with random screams here and there... like when we were heading out the door and a Mom and 3 kids were walking in. The nurse says to them, no shots for baby today, just the big kids and they get 4 each I think.

I don`t know if she thought the nurse was talking to her or if she was trying to warn the other little girl to run for her life.
Either way I don`t think I`ll be taking her again to help her brother be a brave boy... there`s probably no way she`d walk back through those doors again anyhow! (Or that they`d let me back in with big sister in tow!)

And really her brother probably would have been fine after nursing except that there was this shrill screaming that just wouldn`t stop and kept freaking him out. And really wasn`t he the one who actually had the needle jabbed into his little leg and no one was paying much attention to him! Except for when the nurse started ringing the bell. Which I guess sometimes distracts the baby and stops the crying. There was just one problem... it was way too loud in that room to even hear the bell... I saw her ringing it but all I heard was screaming.

Poor Tristan!
Poor Shayla!
But also...
Sweet Shayla and sweet little Tristan!

It`s kind of nice to know she has a little (or a lot) of compassion.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A little late...

...but better late then never right?

Later that night the princess kissed the frog and he turned into the cutest little prince ever!!!

And here he is... the cutest little prince ever... surrounded by a couple extra members of the royal family! ;)