Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our happy little family of 5! ;)

We had our Mom and Tot Christmas party last night. And the big guy in red even made an appearance!
A few of the kids even sat on his lap this year! Not our Shayla! She didn't have the scream of terror like last year but she wasn't getting too close. So, instead of just the kids, we got a family picture with Santa...

Introducing the Hodgsons! The happy family of 5! What... didn't you know Shayla has a sister?! Cute little Sophia! (Had to post this for you Megan! And because I had no idea she was even in the picture until I looked at it later at home. Did I ever laugh!)

I suppose I should explain why this is so funny.
So when Megan was back teaching we looked after Sophia and near the end of her time with us I realized that she was calling me Mom. I had thought she was just asking for her Mom... until she patted to the seat beside her, looked directly at me and said, 'sit Mom!' Oops! Apparently should have referred to myself as Kimberly a little more!
Then Megan told me that they had seen Clayton in town and he had popped his head in the vehicle to chat with them. When he was leaving Sophia started waving and shouting, 'Bye Dad!'
Oh dear! :)

I am glad it happened with Sophia and not some kid whose parent I don't really know... now I know to refer to myself as Kimberly, not I, when I am looking after other people's children. When I am NOT actually their Mom! ;) Lesson learned... thanks Sophia!

And this is why I laughed so hard when I flipped to this picture on my camera.

P.S. Sophia you can be part of our family any day! :)


Vanessa said...

Awww, very cute! What a sweetie! Great picture even as a family of five! :) Always could use another niece :)
Good to hear Shayla didn't exercise her lungs at Santa... my little screech :)
Nice surprise to check your blog (for the second time today) and see a new post!

Anonymous said...

Too funny!
Careful. Next time it might be a family of 8-- maybe you'll get those 6 kids yet Clayton! Hey Kimberly? he,he
Cute picture at any rate.
Love farm mom :) & farm gramma

Anonymous said...

bahahahaha!! I saw it all happen! She just wandered in there and looked at the cameras... she just REALLY wants to be a part of your family. Sophia does really love you, Kimberly and I am SOOOO glad that she thinks of you as one of her "moms"... she couldn't have chosen anyone better :)

Allise said...

Always nice to read another post :)