Sunday, February 26, 2012

A busy weekend!

Clayton won out again and we stayed home and got stuff done! I was all... it's been so long since we have done anything fun. Clayton was all... what?! we were just skiing in Whitefish a month ago! Yeah A WHOLE month ago!!!

OK, I guess it does feel good to get stuff done.
And because it snowed we got in a little fun right in our front yard.
This is fun for Clayton as it is the first time he got to try his new toy out:

This is fun for us... although Shayla wanted to go between my legs. Um I think downhill might have ruined her for cross-country:

And we're always playing dress-up... prince Tristan in purple:

Super Newfoundland Women Princess Shayla?!:

And I finally finished Tristan's quilt! Shayla and Tristan played so contentedly in my sewing room... who knew a roll of ribbon could keep one child so entertained and the other so entertained watching her!

Crazy quilt! I like how it looks kind of like stained glass. And I really like how it looks done!!!!! :)

Clayton also put in our dishwasher! 8 years without one for him. 30 for me! It involved cutting a hole in the cupboard, wiring and plumbing... nice work Clayton! Pretty impressed he got it in and working in one day!

Next video clip... our dishwasher doing a load of dishes!!! ;)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh BURN!!!

A while ago I was talking on the phone with Corrine. She was telling me about Kevin's RRSPs... that she didn't know he had. It was a fair amount and I reacted in a manner that easily said so...

Clayton who can often be in the room when I am on the phone but usually pays no attention to my conversation is all like, What? HOW MUCH?
So I relay the number.
He's all shocked for a moment and then says, well I guess that makes sense he is like 45!

Ouch! Burn!

I thought Corrine had let it go.
But then, at her house the other day as she was making us lunch, we had a conversation that went something like this:

Wow what are you making?

Feta chicken wraps with tzatziki on naan bread.

You do know its lunch... not suppertime right?

Yeah. It's just what I had left in my fridge.

Seriously? What I have left in my fridge is jam. And we would be having peanut butter and jam sandwiches! If there were enough slices of brown bread left, that is!

Yeah Kimberly. I know. I HAVE been to your house before.

Ouch! Burn!

Geez Corrine... Clayton was the one calling Kevin old! ;)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shayla takes a jump!

I wasn't planning on taking Shayla skiing at Whitefish but then one afternoon it worked out just too perfect not to take her.
So I did!
First we went on the magic carpet and she loved that... riding the magic carpet that is! When we got off at the top she would say, 'I wanna do that again!' Yes Shayla we can do that again, we just have to ski down the hill first.
That was until she saw a little girl take a jump. And then she wanted to do that.

This video is of the second day we took her and went on the short chairlift. Clayton came along to video. Its funny how that goes. At first I thought, Shayla is so little, what is the point of wasting time on my ski pass, when I could be out having fun.
And then I had so much fun seeing her have so much fun that I couldn't wait to take her the next day! Being a parent... it really does just change a person!

PS. Thanks Justin for shortening this clip so I could upload it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

I have unsuccessfully been trying to upload a couple of videos... so here's something to look at in the meantime!

Just to prove that once in a blue moon my kid has brushed hair... and once in every third blue moon it is all neat and tidy like below. (This is only because Dyllan had braids and a headband... so of course Shayla HAD TO HAVE the same. Normally once in a full moon when I get around to actually brushing her hair she immediately messes it back up ands say, 'Mom, I like my hair crazy!')

Of course on the same blue moon the other kid is rocking the craziest do ever!!! :)