Monday, February 6, 2012

I have unsuccessfully been trying to upload a couple of videos... so here's something to look at in the meantime!

Just to prove that once in a blue moon my kid has brushed hair... and once in every third blue moon it is all neat and tidy like below. (This is only because Dyllan had braids and a headband... so of course Shayla HAD TO HAVE the same. Normally once in a full moon when I get around to actually brushing her hair she immediately messes it back up ands say, 'Mom, I like my hair crazy!')

Of course on the same blue moon the other kid is rocking the craziest do ever!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Too crazy. Or should I say two crazy (kids)?
Shayla looks very, very neat alright! And Tristan is adorable...wild looking rock star. He was okay leaving that wig on his head?
Love Farm Gramma :)

Vanessa said...

Wow, shayla looks like a whole different little girl all neat and tidy.... You tell her, Aunty likes crazy hair too, but mostly because I have no choice :) is Shay wearing earrings??? I'm assuming they are clip on...?
Punk rocker hair looks good on Tristan... Hmmm wonder what he's going to look like with a full head of hair, that is if he ever starts to grow some :)
Thanks for the pics... Look forward to the video!

Kimberly said...

Well Vanessa... I just got back from Brooks and Justin got the video shortened for me. Apparently he could have added some writing and little extras... but we ran out of time! Too bad I wasn't computer savvy... then my blog could be oh so cool!!! (PS. Thanks Justin! Hope the format uploads!)

Oh right... Dyllan has earrings too... so now that Shayla has clip-ons she can wear them too!

Mom... Tristan didn't complain too much... I suppose because he's a guy and has learned early sometimes it is just easier to put up with the shit women do!!! hahaha!!!
PS. Oops I cussed infront of my Mommy!!! ;)

Allise said...

Hahaha, I love reading the comments! They add so much to your posts... not that the posts aren't entertaining as well :)
Love the hair-dos!