Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shayla takes a jump!

I wasn't planning on taking Shayla skiing at Whitefish but then one afternoon it worked out just too perfect not to take her.
So I did!
First we went on the magic carpet and she loved that... riding the magic carpet that is! When we got off at the top she would say, 'I wanna do that again!' Yes Shayla we can do that again, we just have to ski down the hill first.
That was until she saw a little girl take a jump. And then she wanted to do that.

This video is of the second day we took her and went on the short chairlift. Clayton came along to video. Its funny how that goes. At first I thought, Shayla is so little, what is the point of wasting time on my ski pass, when I could be out having fun.
And then I had so much fun seeing her have so much fun that I couldn't wait to take her the next day! Being a parent... it really does just change a person!

PS. Thanks Justin for shortening this clip so I could upload it!


Anonymous said...

she is just like her mother!! haha

Vanessa said...

What a little adrenaline junky.... she's going to be just like her mother.... extreme x-country skiing in no time!
Looks like a lot of air... was that all by herself?? Or did you pull her up? She looks great out there. Thanks to Uncle Justin for editing the video to fit... I was looking forward to seeeing this!

Anonymous said...

Being a parent does change you and in oh so good of a way it brings many wonderful, proud, comical, aaahhh, or "aha" moments. There can be challenges too.... but that helps all learn how to work things out and deal with life. Now I'll get off my soapbox!
Such a cute video clip. Airtime Shayla... go for it.
Love....guess who?

Allise Boruta said...

That is awesome! Shayla is one step ahead of me when it comes to hills and snow!