Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why not have a little crazy in your life everyday?

If you are all like... yeah! I agree... a little crazy is what makes life fun and exciting.
Then go out and pick yourself up a 2 year old.
It's a sure thing...
Crazy will be had!!!

It started because I asked her to pee before we went outside to go for a walk. It wasn't so much the peeing as the fact that I wiped her bum at what I thought was the appropriate time to wipe someones bum after finishing peeing.
Apparently the appropriate time it was not!

Which lead to me and the two babies enduring a good 45 minutes of temper tantruming. I suppose it wasn't that long for the babies... they got bored of waiting in the jogging stroller and eventually both just nodded off.

When Shayla finally did get her stuff on and came outside she was still crying and shouting and wanting whatever she couldn't have.

I waaaaaant my pretty shoes on.

Sorry Shayla but for walking you need your good walking boots.

I waaaaaant my toque.

Here wear my toque so we don't have to go back to the house.

Noooo! I waaaaaant my toque!

As I shove my toque back in my pocket and turn back for the house.

I waaaaaant your toque!

I dig in my pocket and throw my toque at her. (Come on people... toques are soft and 45 minutes of screaming! Are there parents that can actually stay calm and in total control of their emotions in every parenting situation? If so I want the drugs they're on! ;)

Not your toque! I waaaaaant on the stroller.

So I lift her on the stroller.

I waaaaaaant to walk.

So I lift her back off.

I waaaaant a nap.

Perfect I want you to have a nap to!

Not the most relaxing walk I have ever had and probably the shortest!

But one benefit. Two babies are sleeping and one 2 year old is on her way to sleep.
All is quiet and peaceful.

That better be all the crazy we have in this house today!

(Unfortunately, if Shayla is still two when she wakes up, there is a 99% chance it won't be!)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A quick game of scratch back!

Yesterday morning Shayla had a squishy blue ball in one hand but was still in search of something in the living room. She was laying on the floor and looking under both sofas, as she got up Clayton walked into the room.

"Dad, where is the scratch back?" She demanded.

"The scratch back? Oh the back scratcher! Maybe it's in your toy box?"

So Shayla looked in her toy box... and vola... there it was!

Then she proceeded to have a little one on zero game of pick up scratch back.

It went something like this:
Blue ball on floor.
Hit blue ball with the back scratcher.
Shout 'I scored' every time the ball is hit.

And I was planning on referring to the game as pick up scratch back and nothing else.
Until Shayla, after another amazing goal, looked up at me and shouted excitedly, "Mom Mom, wanna come play hockey with me?"

I don't even want to say it...

But seriously...

Why would she even think...

of playing hockey...

know how to play...


OMG my fate is sealed! I am doomed!

;) There I go being all selfless parent again!!! :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Yes that's your water bottle... now don't wear it out!

The other day I took Shayla shopping... shopping where she got to pick stuff. It was so cute. She took 10 minutes to pick out sunglasses. And then picked out some cute pink and brown shoes on clearance right beside some really sparkly ones I thought for sure she was going to pick!
And when she wanted a dress I just couldn't say no.
I did draw the line at the clock, pillow and about everything else we walked by after she realized things in stores are for taking home with you!

We had such a great time. With all the lovely hand-me-downs we get I really don't do much shopping for her. Even Tristan had fun... he told me so!

On the shopping trip she got a new water bottle. And even though she wore the dress for 3 days in a row and still wears the shoes every day... I think the water bottle is her favorite!

The first day she drank three full bottles of water in 5 minutes... and continued to empty the bottle about every hour! That girl was hydrated!

Needless to say she peed about every 2 seconds! And I'm not even exaggerating that much!!!