Thursday, April 19, 2012

You guys are funny...

...and some of you, well one of you is a little weird are down right hilarious!  I suppose, I for one, should not judge people on being weird!
I was looking back at some posts when Shayla was a baby and started reading... and some of your comments really got me giggling!
So thanks for the midnight comedy!

Here's a few that I wanted to share with you... most are cute...
...a couple I posted just for the shock value!!!

A Busy Weekend, posted Feb. 26, 2012

Allise said...
Nice quilt! Was it difficult to do the crazy part?
I know exactly how Shayla feels in that picture: "so many awesome dress up clothes and so little space to wear them all at once"

Oh BURN! posted Feb. 15, 2012

Vanessa said...
My fridge is pretty sad too... Hmmm, we are the cheap-o's in the family.... I guess food is no exception. :)
I'm sure at 45 you'll have even less food in your fridge, and maybe not too much for RRSP's either... But your mattress will be stuffed full of all those pennies you saved! ;)

Cat, posted Oct. 30, 2009

Boredinbc said...
The ass licking thing? Were you talking about Clayton or the Kitty ? It wasn"t clear.

Turtles! May 1, 2009

Stein\Weir\ Cole. at law said...
Warning!!Cease and desist.immediate attention required.As per copyright infringement.sec 401 sub, sec,1124 USA\infringement code CA,

Walt Disney Studios, 1164 Burbank, Ca, USA.attorneys

(This made me laugh because... Seriously!  No seriously I actually thought this might be real?!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

A post from a dejected middle child, March 19, 2009

Auntie Ronny said...
Jeees Kimber.Back in the day,when i felt things were going awry, down there. I would just file up the beaters on the old Mixsmaster.Tape it upside down to the floor, and go to town.Ya sure,there was some discomfort but voila,no more George
(This made me say: What the hell?  Then I re-read my post and realized I had mentioned about a bikini wax.  But still: What the hell?!) 

Allise said...
I have no comment that could possibly follow the one above.... I am, amazingly, speechless (and not in a good way!)

What do you thinks wrong with you? posted March 6, 2009

Christine said...
"Weird people make me uncomfortable..." -- this made me laugh out loud!

25 things about me, posted Feb. 25, 2009

Vanessa said...
Please say it's the shoe statistic that is untrue.... 20? NO WAY! You should probably share some.
Wait! How many have holes in them?? Do you just never throw them away??

Vanessa said...
Silly me... You've obviously never tried to steal a pack of gum.... I can't believe you own 20 pairs of shoes!

Prenatal tonight... Feb. 4, 2009

Aunty Ronnie said...
When i had my 16 lb baby,i was just working in the fields, and squatted down, and out it came.I chewed off the umby chord, and went back to work. The hardest part was eatin the afterstuff, as i was'nt really hungry.But there were wolves around,so i had to be carefull.

Allise said...
Uncle Ron that is gross! Where is your giant child by the way? And Kimberly... the best of luck, and don't be surprised if I adopt!

(Really diggin' the Aunty Ronnie/Allise combo posting! hahaha!)

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a... boat? posted Sept. 18, 2008

Vanessa said...
Another great abdominal workout while reading your blog KB! A picture of Mom with her 'bubbles' on would have been priceless and may have motivated her to get some real specs.... or it might have been mean..... it's a fine line in comedy.

Hankey the christmas poo... posted Aug. 14, 2008

Hankey said...
Hidy Ho! Kimberly, Hidy Ho!
See ya christmas morn.

(Just thought I should end with a poo... I mean... a celebrity post!!!)

Thanks for ALL the great comments... I love reading every one!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First the drums... now the guitar!

I guess she's got music in her blood. Not sure who from. Unless she stays out-of-tune... then she definitely got it from me! The fact that she is singing about a sandwich kind of points to me anyhow. What not everyone thinks about food 24/7?!

Immediately following this clip, Clayton recorded again and caught Shayla sharing the drumstick with Tristan. I should put it up as proof that she did share that one time!
We'll have to wait until the next time I get the craving to spend 2 hours uploading a 30 second clip!

PS. Happy Birthday Dad! A.K.A. Farm Grampa! :) Love ya!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Kids in glasses

Shayla found Clayton's old glasses.
They make my eyes see funny, she said. And then danced around like a goof.
Needless to say, we had to hide them as she was wearing them a little too often.

Tristan got in on the action too!

Cowgirl in glasses.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

R. I. P. Kitty

Our sweet Kitty... who listened quite well to the ever changing rules and was so good with all the little ones who pulled his tail and constantly smothered him. We couldn't have asked for a better kitty!

We found him out behind the house when the kids and I were 'exploring'... one of our favorite past times.
I wasn't sure what Shayla would do. When we left to get Clayton she started to ball and cried, "I just want my kitty to come up." So we sat down and hugged and I tried to explain. I told her it was alright to feel sad. Thankfully her grieving period wasn't too long. When Clayton came with the wheelbarrow she hugged him for awhile and then wiped her tears away and said, "It's alright Daddy, we'll just throw him in the garbage and get a new kitty." I guess she kind of understood.

Later when we buried Kitty, she threw all the kitty treats in with him. When I had a few tears she looked very concerned and came right over and gave me a hug. Then she wiped away my tears and said, "It's OK Mommy, don't be sad, we'll get a new one like farm Gramma's baby calf."
Kids are sweet.

Goodbye Kitty.
We love you.
Rest in peace.

Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools

The oldest, simplest trick in the book...
switch the sugar with salt and enjoy watching your better half tuck into their morning coffee.

Except it didn't quite go as planned.

He took the first drink, set the cup down and ate another bite of his egg sandwich.
It wasn't until he had polished off a good quarter of the cup before he gave a funny look and said, 'Kimberly did you put something in my coffee?'

April Fools Clayton!

Even though the joke was almost on me.

Note to Clayton: Why even bother adding sugar to your coffee... if salt in your coffee tastes just fine to you!!!

Well at least we know he really isn't fussy and my cooking probably really isn't that good! The man will ingest just about anything!