Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter Photoshoot


Vanessa said...

Wow, Shayla's hair is beautiful! I like it up.... as much as I like it crazy :)
Very Cute pictures. It's nice to have such fancy pictures of your kiddo's and the cousins. No family pic?
(I'm glad I bugged you yesterday about not blogging... keep it up!)

Anonymous said...

love those matching "cousin" outfits. That is so cute.
Shayla and Tristan look so sweet and adorable.
I don't believe those stories of them being "trying" sometimes Kimberly. They look like angels!
Love Mom :)

Corrine said...

The matching outfits are cute! We should try that with our side!!! Think we'd get one good shot out of 30!!!??? lol

Anonymous said...

I bought two matching dresses for the girls and two matching shorts (maybe swimsuit shorts?) for the boys.... need shirts yet unless they are showing off their abs! he,he
Love Farm gramma :)