Thursday, May 17, 2012

Waz up dawg?!

When Shayla's cousin, Zoe was down spending a couple nights at Anne's, she came over and we did some nail painting.  A little nail painting and then a little hat wearing.  Some cowboy girl hats to be exact.  And then since there were no horses to be rode, some of us, decided to go a little gangster instead.

They wanted me to take pictures of their pretty nails.  So I said, hey Zoe show me your nails!  And then I said, hey Shayla show me your nails!
Zoe did this.

Shayla did this.

Sometimes I just don't know about that girl!
What I do know is that she doesn't get anything hip and gangster from her Mama!
What she did get from her Mama is that cute little head in that extra large straw hat!  ;)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Mom! :)  Hope you had a nice day... good thing Vanessa was there to be your slave get stuff done and treat you to a massage!

I had such a lovely day!  Corrine and family spent the night and we went out to 40 Mile Park for the afternoon.  It was typical Gooch outing... loaded to the nines.  And I was typical Kimberly style... making sure to use everything we brought if only for 10 minutes!!!  Except those darn ball gloves... totally forgot to get them out for a game of catch. 
By Clayton's standards if it takes longer to load, then time spent using it... then it was not worth it!
My Dad always threw things on just in case
I mean what if you were out for a drive and you came to a lake that was just dying for you to canoe on it?  And you didn't have your canoe?  What would you do then Clayton?
Ha!  Give me an answer to that one would ya!!!  ;)
Girl Scouts motto... be prepared! 

And it was so hot that it wasn't even that awful to use the swimsuits I packed.  A little cold but cold is refreshing right?  Megan, Shayla and even Grayson joined me.  Grayson fell swam and spent the most time out of all of us submerged in the water. 

Then there was kayaking.  And of course canoeing.  Biking... oh and the best part by the kids standards... the playground! 

Thanks for the great Mother's Day Shayla and Tristan!

Oh and I almost forgot the best part... the gift they gave me... 7 1/2 hours of straight sleep on Saturday night!  Can't even remember the last time that happened!  Before Tristan was born anyhow!!!

Hope all you other Mothers had special days as well.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

That girl is just too smart... for Clayton's good!

Although I suppose that depends on if you think wearing a helmet while biking is good or not!

Shayla: Look Mommy, Daddy put my helmet on and Tristan's helmet on.  Come on lets go biking!

Me: Alright.  I'm almost ready.  (It's weird how you just become your Mom... everyone is always waiting for me... all those last minute little things that no one else does but would miss if they weren't done... oh how the cycle of life opens your eyes!!!  Although it's funny how you step right back into your previous role even when you are a Mom yourself now... sorry Mom... for all those impatient horn honks and grumpy 'hurry up Mom' s... when I was.... last out for a visit!  ;)  But this is really digressing from my original plan for this post!)

Shayla: Here's your helmet Mom.

Me: Thanks Hun.

Shayla: Hey!  Dad!  You need your helmet.

Clayton: Oh that's alright Shayla, I don't know where it is.

Shayla: Oh. Oh. Um.  WAIT!  I know where it is!  She jumps up and runs into the storage part of the garage. Pushes a crate up to the shelf so she can see better and searches around on the shelf until she finds... Clayton's helmet!

Shayla: See Dad, here it is!  I FOUND DAD'S HELMET!  Mom! Mom! Look.  I found Dad's helmet.

Me: Wow.  Thanks Shayla.  Your Dad has been missing that for 1 or maybe 17 years!

Clayton: Seriously!  Seriously?  She knew where my helmet was?

Oh Shayla you just made your Dad's day... OK fine you made your Mom's day!!!  Good thing you are such a little Miss Smartie pants!  :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh that poop smells SO good!

Today Tristan pooped.  OK so he poops everyday... and usually more then once.
But today Shayla jumped up and shouted, 'Wait Mommy I wanna see the poop.'
OK... fine... so she does that every time poop is anywhere in the vicinity.

But this time as she peered in to see the said poop she pulled her shirt up over her nose and said, 'Pee ew.  It stinks.'  Then she noticed my face was free of shirt.  'Wait Mommy.  Oh dear.  You just forgot.'  And she proceeds to try and pull my shirt up around my nose.

'Oh, that's OK Shayla, Mommy can tolerate the smell of poop.'

'But Mommy, Daddy does this, cause poop stinks!  When he wipes my bum be goes like this.'  And she covers her nose again.

'Well hunny, Daddy's a bit of a wuss when it comes to poop.  Mommy doesn't mind the smell of poop.  I don't need to cover my nose.'

She jumps up and runs over to Clayton, 'Daddy, Mommy likes the smell of poop.  She's a brave girl.'
Then she comes back over and sits right next to me and the lovely smelling poop, takes a deep breath in and says, 'Yum, I love the smell of poop too!'

Oh dear... covering ones nose and saying pee ew is probably more socially acceptable... oops I did it again!  Sorry Shayla.  Social ackwardness here we come!

Nah... she'll probably learn soon enough and like Clayton, roll her and eyes and say, 'Mommy, you're so weird.'