Thursday, May 17, 2012

Waz up dawg?!

When Shayla's cousin, Zoe was down spending a couple nights at Anne's, she came over and we did some nail painting.  A little nail painting and then a little hat wearing.  Some cowboy girl hats to be exact.  And then since there were no horses to be rode, some of us, decided to go a little gangster instead.

They wanted me to take pictures of their pretty nails.  So I said, hey Zoe show me your nails!  And then I said, hey Shayla show me your nails!
Zoe did this.

Shayla did this.

Sometimes I just don't know about that girl!
What I do know is that she doesn't get anything hip and gangster from her Mama!
What she did get from her Mama is that cute little head in that extra large straw hat!  ;)


Vanessa said...

Just another peek at the natural musician inside this girl. She's a total ROCKER!! I bet she would really love singing lessons or a mini guitar.
Move over Justin Bieber (oops, spelling??) Shayla has already hit the blog waveslengths and is going to be a youtube sensation in no time!!!

Anonymous said...


lostwithoutyourbloginlillooet said...

Well? Are you waiting for the one month mark before you post again?? WTF? git at 'er! git 'er done! Just write something damn it... those kids are cute but I better see a June post soon or I will report you as a neglectful blogger. I'm watching you........................