Monday, July 2, 2012


About babies:
Mom, you don't have a baby in your belly, like Aunty Cream, right?

That's right, Shayla.

Maybe you should get a baby in your belly. 

Yeah maybe.  If I did, would you want a baby boy or a baby girl?

Not my BELLY silly! Your belly.

Yeah that would probably be best.  So should I have a baby boy or a baby girl?

I think something else.

Something else?

Ya!  Like... um... hummm... LIKE A PURPLA BABY!  With purpla hair!

A purple baby.  OK I'll talk to your father and see what we can cook up!  ;)

About eggs... specifically a blue fabric dinosaur egg with a little stuffed dinosaur that fits inside:
Shayla... look... your baby dinosaur is hatching.

Oh no!  You little guppie.  Get back in there, you're not boiled yet!

About compliments:
Mom mom.

Yes hun.

You have beauda eyes. 

Thanks sweetie.  You have very beautiful eyes too.

And you have beauda teeth Mom mom.

You think so... thanks!

Oh your welcome.  And you have beauda boobs too!

Gee thanks!  If you think they're beautiful now you should have seen them in their prime!!!  ;)