Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First day of Playschool

Backpack loaded and all ready to go!

Being a goofball... as usual.

Outside the school.

Yay, painting!  See ya later Mom!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

There's just no arguing with kid logic!

Today we, myself and my day home kids, biked into St. Mikes school to play at the playground there before picking up Shayla from playschool.  On the way in, one child in particular, kept mentioning how looooooong a ride it was.
Once we got into town, the said child started pointing to houses, 'You should live here.'

And I would reply, 'Oh, why is that?'

'Cause it would be a waaaaaay shorter ride.'

Then we would pass another house.
'Oh wait, maybe you should live here!'

'Oh, in this house?  Why... because it is so big?'

'No, 'cause it would be a reaaaaally short ride to the school!'
And on it went.
Until we got to the school and turned into the parking lot to head to the playground equipment.
That's when the child shouted excitedly, 'Hey look! We can ride our bikes around here!'  And then proceeded to bike around in circles for the next few minutes while the rest of us played on the jungle gym!

See, you just can't win with that kind of logic!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vanessa and Jeryn tied the knot!

Here is the last wedding gift quilt I will ever make!
OK... maybe if I am still quilting in 20 years I'll make one for Shayla and Tristan. 

Jeryn and Vanessa Wolfe, October 7, 2012 in beautiful Lillooet, BC

The theme of the weekend was Hippies vs. Rednecks
The Hodgsons:
Hippies: Kimberly and Shayla
Rednecks: Clayton and Tristan
Notice Tristan has a handlebar mustache just like his Dad!

Wow the quilt looks really good in such a beautiful setting and surrounding by all those beautiful people!
Congrats Vanessa and Jeryn!
We had a great time and are so happy you are finally married!  :)
Shayla and Tristan are eagerly awaiting the arrival of some little Wolfelings to play with!