Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween fun!

The fun started on the weekend with Grayson birthday party and the Halloween family dance.
Shayla changed her mind about being purple grapes... why would you want to be grapes when you could be a princess!!!
At least she put it on for a picture!

Farm Grampa having a snack on green grapes.
Farm Gramma holding what's left of the stem.
The princess has a dance with the peasant.
Costume change: Rapunzel with Ariel brushing all that hair!

Cute boy.

 BIBB Halloween party... and this is still missing about 10 little ones!
Trick or treating at Gramma Anne's. 
And now I see where Shayla gets her 'cheese' face from!
Uncle Aaron and the Lion

 Great Gramma Hodgson
 Halloween treats:
Apple and marshmallow teeth
Banana and white chocolate ghosts

Well it was a lot of fun. 
But this Mom and dayhome provider is glad Halloween is over!
4 days and 16 carved pumpkins
3 days of making Halloween treats with kids
4 kids Halloween parties
And trick or treating
Equals one exhausted Kimberly!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. Those two grape bunches look good. Thank Shayla for a least putting them on for a picture!
What a busy Halloween! Fun though.
That BIBB group is huge.... what a bunch of young families out there!
Cute snacks..... teeth and ghosts... yum!
Love Farm Gramma :)

Allise said...

Sounds like you were busy this Halloween. Ryan ended up winning first place in a competition this year, $1000! We were pretty thrilled!
I worked the night of Halloween... but no interesting Halloween related calls. Which is a good thing I guess.

Vanessa said...

Nice costumes :) The grape idea is awesome! easy yet effective... and cheap... I'm going to go as grapes one year!
Yummy treats... my favourite is the marshmallow teeth! Very cool!