Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Photoshoot with the grand...

... PARENTS: Always an interesting experience! ;)
Actually they both sat pretty still, kept their eyes open the majority of the time and for the most part behaved rather well.  Until the last picture, that is, when Farm Grampa apparently started to feel a little famished and tried to eat one of the grandchildren!
The very first picture... not bad!

A few pictures in... Tristan is too cool for school.

Many many picture in... finally the winning picture!

What's that little saying...
 a picture is worth a thousand words!

Logan sat nice for every picture...
he must have been using his listening ears!


Vanessa said...

LMAO! Love the last picture. I scanned through them b4 reading and was caught by surprise seeing Dad trying to take a bite out of Shayla. I guessed she wasn't listening and he went a little 'V' on her, (television series were reptilian alien queen sometimes opens her huge jaws and devours the enemies face...) anyway, I digress. Great post :) Glad you got a good one in the end!

Corrine said...

I totally LMAO too! I didn't even remember that! oh farm grampa

Anonymous said...

Cute and co-operative... those grandparents.... he,he Almost as good a record as Logan!
Cute pictures.
Love Farm Gramma :)